How Much Is a Roof Inspection? What You Should Know About It

Be sure to know how much is a roof inspection before having the job performed. The standard and general cost may vary from one area to another, but you need to know what to expect from such an inspection.

It’s always better to have a regular roof inspection to identify or detect problems as early as possible. Such an inspection is also advisable if you have recently bought a new house.

Ensure that you only hire a professional and certified roof inspector to help you and prevent any possible scam that may hurt you.

Understanding More about Roof Inspection

As the name suggests, roof inspection checks the roof’s condition for any damage or wear. The inspection can also reveal the possibility of issues. Detecting them early can really save you from having to spend a fortune.

Trained and skilled professionals typically do such an inspection. The inspection is necessary for selling a home, refinancing, and insurance.

how much is a roof inspection

After the inspection, you will get a roof certification or inspection report. A licensed Roofing Inspector is responsible for issuing and signing the statement as proof that the roof has no defect.

This signed statement also certifies that it can be safely used under normal conditions. But if you want to have such a certification, you will have to spend extra.

So, how much is a roof inspection? The standard cost for roof inspection is between $75 and $600, with the standard price range set in $225 and $250.

You should ask first before hiring a professional expert.

How Do I Know if I Need a Roof Inspection?

If homeowners want to be aware of obvious signs of roof damage, they can spot them. What are the obvious signs?

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  • Damaged shingles. You should notice missing, sagging, or out-of-shape shingles. And if you observe more closely on the shingle damage, there is always a possibility of other damages (that you can’t see).
  • Ceilings or walls stained. If you see any stain on the wall or the ceiling, it’s a sure sign of water damage. You have a roof issue if the stain is accompanied by discoloration or mold. Discoloration means that the leak has taken place for a while. If you notice this sign, contact a professional to prevent further damage and address the issue immediately.
  • Peeling paint (close to the roofline). Paint doesn’t usually peel. So when it happens, it has been exposed to high humidity for quite a while. If it happens close to the roofline, it may show poor ventilation problems in the attic. Don’t wait up. Reach out to a pro and prevent it from getting bigger.
  • Gutter issues. If your gutters have been damaged or clogged, there is a big chance that you are dealing with a possibility of water intrusion. Clogged gutters mean the water has no channel to travel properly, which causes the water to back up again.
  • Obvious damage, especially after a big storm. Such damage shouldn’t be considered lightly. If you are worried that the storm can cause significant damage, you should contact a professional to inspect the extent of the damage.

How Much Is a Drone Roof Inspection?

In the old days, the professional would walk on the roof to inspect. But it’s a risky work. That’s why it’s advisable to be done only by the professional. Right now, inspection with a drone is quite common because it reduces the risks.

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Although many professionals believe direct inspection is the best, you can always combine direct and drone inspection to get the best result.

How much is it? The standard range is between $150 and $400. Still, then again, it depends on the location, the difficulty level, and the expert (considering that drone inspection should be done manually by someone experienced in the field).

Now that you already know the answer to the question how much is a roof inspection, including the drone inspection, you can come prepared.

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