How To Install Snow Guards on Metal Roof Efficiently and Safely

A metal roof is a smart choice. However, installing a metal roof must consider the risk of rooftop avalanches. High quality of snow guards system will actually help maintain the roof and avoid personal and property damage. It will also allow the snow to efficiently and safely melt off the structure. Hence, we come with the idea of how to install snow guards on the metal roof.

If you have your property along with a metal roof while living in a snowy country, you will certainly understand the importance of installing snow guards for metal roofs. Whether residential or commercial, installing such snow guards is a smart choice since it offers the longest service of life.

how to install snow guards on metal roof

Snow Guard for Corrugated Metal Roofs

For the corrugated metal roof, snow guards are designed from a very strong metal-based on Corrugated Metal Panel System. This way, don’t get too confused with Through-Fastened Metal Panel or Ag-Panel. They are just the other names.

Snow guard for a corrugated metal roof is typically designed to rust along with the panel. However, you can alternatively order the items in aluminum which can be powder coated to suit your painted panel. This kind of snow guard is usually available in fence-style attached to the top of the corrugation.

So far, installing snow guards for corrugated metal roofs is a kind of prevention from the dangerous movement of the frozen precipitation on a sloping roof by suspending it in a holding field. Thus, the snow can melt completely or drop off in a small amount.

How to Install Snow Bar on Metal Roof

Now that you know the importance of installing snow guards on your metal roof, the next thing to do is to check out the instructions on installing snow guards on a metal roof for your homes. So here are the procedures based on the snow defender installation instructions.

  1. Fasten to a roof sing Levi’s 2 inches or longer #12 screw along with the washers.
  2. After fastening the guards, make sure it is tightened properly.
  3. Next, check out to ensure that it is also properly sealed.
  4. Screwing is needed to face towards the eave of the roof.
  5. Use snow defender for the standing seam and snow position.
  6. If the plywood is used with no purlins beneath the metal, install a 2×4 spacer between the trusses on the underside of the sheeting. Use a 2 – ½ inch or longer screw to have the guards fastened.
  7. It is recommended to install the snow guards in a staggered pattern.
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Now that you know how to install snow guards on a metal roof, you can start to do the project before the snow falls unavoidably. Just make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully. However, if you are not experienced enough in doing it, you had better call a professional to have your metal roof installed by a snow guard.

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