7 Steps of How to Build Roof Trusses for a Garage

The roof is an integral part of a building. Be it a shed or a complex-looking house. The roof is a structure you must focus on. That is what you should do if you plan on making a roof for your garage. Truss is one part of the roofing system that is used mainly to support the system.

If you plan to make your garage a roof using a truss, you can learn how to build roof trusses for a garage in the explanation below.

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How to Build Roof Trusses for a Garage for Maximum Ceiling Height

If you wonder how to build a roof truss, well—it is easy to do. You only need to put on your best attention while learning about this, and you are halfway to making it yourself.

how to build roof trusses for a garage

Common trusses are planned to support up to 40o span, which you can get in today’s houses. If you wonder how to maximize the ceiling height for the garage, you should know that it is genuinely possible to do. A roof trust can make a roof with a span of up to 80o without additional support, but that will be impractical and expensive to do.

Making such trusses that enable you to maximize the ceiling height is similar to making other trusses you commonly find in houses nowadays. Here’s how to build garage roof trusses.

  1. Plan how your trusses will look like

Planning isn’t merely linked to getting the suitable materials for the trusses. Planning how far you will go for the slope is what you need to do in this step. Not to forget, you should consider what kind of roof you are willing to use as your garage roof. This is required to prepare the right timber product capable of accommodating the weight of the roof itself.

  1. Purchasing the materials

Now that you know the budget and what kind of materials you are using for the truss, it’s time to purchase it. For sample purposes, we are referring to make garage roof trusses with timbers.

  1. Then, cut the timbers

Now that you got the product cut it according to the size you prefer.

  1. Securing the panels together

To secure the panels altogether, you will need connector plates. This will be able to help you make that triangular shape. For more security, you can get some screws to secure your panels.

  1. Add braces

Adding braces is a must when making a truss. This is required to dissect the angled triangle center. Additionally, consider using extra supports that you should put on the bottom and the top of the trusses. That way, you can make the truss bearing a heavier load.

  1. Securing the trusses

Then, secure the truss to the roof framing. Ensure that the trusses have the proper overhang as well.

  1. Finally, you can attach the roof’s trusses.

The last step of building roof trusses for a garage is to attach the truss onto the frame. To do this, you are supposed to benefit from some deck screws.

That’s how to build roof trusses for a garage. If you plan to get the height of your truss maximized, you can get help from some professional to determine the proper slope angle and the length of the timber you should prepare.

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