What is a Cricket in Roofing? The Purpose and the Importance

Have you ever wondered what a cricket in roofing is? To better understand, let’s start with the basics. If you are not familiar with the roofing material, you might simply view the roof as just another part of a house’s structure, focusing more on aesthetics than practicality.

Shingles, crickets, and overhangs are among the materials that must be planned meticulously to enhance the durability of your roof. In this article, you will learn about chimney cricket and other critical aspects of the roofing system, which are essential for ensuring longevity.

Why is it called a Roof Cricket?

The term “cricket” itself comes from the construction industry. Cricket is a triangular, framed wooden structure designed to be installed above a pitched or flat roof deck. Often made of durable metal flashing, it helps manage water flow around obstructions like chimneys.

You can find roof crickets atop high chimneys or at intersections between different roof areas. Normally, a roof cricket is designed to match the slope of the roof, although this isn’t always necessary.

What is a Cricket in Roofing

There are different types of crickets based on the materials they are made from. However, in general, it is made from metal material to benefit from the durability nature. Some might opt for crickets in the same colors as the shingle roofs to make them pleasing to the eyes.

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What is the purpose of cricket in roofing? Its main role is to prevent water from pooling and seeping into roof areas, avoiding potential water damage. Due to its sharp angles, it effectively diverts water away from critical structures like chimneys, preventing leaks that could lead to extensive damage inside your home.

Even though in terms of size, cricket might be smaller than the other parts of the roofing system, it is by no means less important. Planning crickets properly to successfully redirect water from the roof area can be a challenging task.

Professionals and specialists in roofing won’t overlook it since it is the foundation for keeping the house dry, being mold-free, and avoiding rotting away. Roofing crickets are an integral part of the architectural scheme and should never be left out.

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Roof Cricket Installation Cost

Whether installing new roofing panels or undertaking a re-roofing project, understanding both the major and minor costs involved is crucial. This knowledge ensures you are financially prepared for the investment and future roof repairs.

That way, you’d be financially prepared for whatever needs to be prepared and make a calculation of how long until you have to do checking and repairing again.

Roof Cricket Installation Cost

The cost of repairing or installing a roof cricket can range from $150 to $500, varying with the installation difficulty, materials used, and roof accessibility.

Installing a Cricket on a Metal Roof

Installing cricket or doing a re-roofing job requires a high precision level, so it is not exactly DIY-friendly. Even the smallest thing, such as nail placement, can affect the effectiveness of the roof.

Installing a Cricket on a Metal Roof

Due to how many roof cricket requirements are related to the installment, it is recommended that you leave it to the professionals. You can find and contact a contractor to discuss further and how to tackle its various issues.

Meanwhile, below are the reasons to consider the cricket installation project for homeowners:

  1. Suppose it is part of the building code requirement in the majority of the community out there. This is especially true if chimneys have existed.
  2. If the chimney is built in a downhill sloping form, that makes the house susceptible to rain.
  3. If the chimney catches debris easily when the water flows through it.
  4. If the chimney is showing signs of erosion and degradation.

Understanding what a cricket in roofing is and its importance is crucial. It’s an integral part of protecting roof shingles from rainwater damage, which is the first defense against leaks. Water can penetrate the roofing layer more easily if the shingles are damaged, potentially causing wood rot or mold if not addressed promptly.

For further assistance or to discuss the installation of a roof cricket, contacting a professional with excellent customer service is recommended.

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