How Long do Tile Roofs Last and Other Questions Surrounding Tile Roofs

If you are someone who is looking to know more about the world of roofing, you surely must be curious about how long do tile roofs last, right? It is one of the very prominent questions that is often asked by roofing enthusiasts (if there is ever one).

We cannot fault you if you are curious about it, though, as we can understand how interesting the topic can be for some people.

Questions like how long do tile roofs last in Arizona or other parts of America have been popping for a while. We attribute this increase to the increasingly popular tile as the choice material for people’s roofs. Why are tiles getting popular these days?

how long do tile roofs last in arizona
How long do tile roofs last in Arizona

What makes them the ‘diva’ of roofs for the people of the USA? All of these questions – alongside the first question from the article – will be answered below. If you found yourself curious about all of them, then feel free to go on with the reader because this article is sure to give you the answers.

First things first, how durable are tile roofs?

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If the people of the internet are believed, then we can safely say that tile roofs can last up to 50 years. The internet, however, is a dark and desperate place, a place where trolls and other morally depraved monstrosities hide.

Fortunately, the 50 years statement is a bit true so that you can rest easy. It is because tiles are made out of clay, and clay can last for a while in any situation. Give it the heat of the sun, and clay would not melt. Give it the cold of the North, and clay would not turn brittle.

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In fact, if you give clay the proper treatment, it can even last for about 100 years. Now that is what I call a freaking dedication to the arts.

how durable are tile roofs
How durable are tile roofs

Why are tiles getting popular these days? What makes them a superstar?

Because they are strong, and though they are definitely much more expensive than shingles, they are much better at weathering the storm. They are the diva not because they are beautiful but because they are strong.

We are not talking about America’s Next Top Model here, folks. We are talking about Wipeout, in which only the strongest and the most durable of competitors come out as the winner.

On what part of America should you use tiles for your roof?

The states within the USA have very different levels of usage when it comes to tile roofs. Because tile roofs are roofs designed to handle salty air, you will see a high concentration of houses using tile roofs in states close to the sea.

For example, you can lots of houses with tile roofs in Florida because Florida is a state that sticks toward the sea, creating a peninsula of a sort. That might explain why the people of Florida are known for being weird.

Tile roofs in florida
Tile roofs in Florida

End words

That is all about today’s article, dear folks. Now that you know a bit about tile roofs and how long do tile roofs last, we hope that information can enlighten you more on the world of roofing.

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