How to Cut Tin Roofing with Three Best Methods

Tin roofing is considered to be one of the most versatile and lightweight materials for steel roofing. The edge and the middle parts of each sheet are usually made of small ridges. The ridges are there to make sure that the joints are tightly sealed.

How to Cut Tin Roofing

However, not all of the sheets match onto your roof, so you have to cut them. The easiest way to cut tin roofing is actually depending on what sort of cut you want to make and how experienced you are dealing with roofing materials.

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How to Cut Tin Roofing Sheets

Whatever cutting tool you use, it’s vital to first planning what type of cuts you want to make. Apart from that, you should always take your safety into account whenever you are using electric cutting tools. Be sure to wear long trousers and shirts.

Regarding the methods to cut tin roofing materials, there are three ways you can use as mentioned in the following sections:

Using Nibblers

Nibblers are electrical drill attachments and are great to help you cutting tin roofing materials in straight lines or even curves. It’s a special tool made to cut metal and deal with small parts of the metal roofing at a time.

So, how to cut tin roofing using nibblers? You can move the tool around the corners of the materials, and you will get a clean and tidy cut without sharp edges that other cutting tools may leave. However, in comparison to other metal roofing cutting tools, nibblers are the most expensive ones.

Using Tin Snips

It’s the cheapest method you can use to cut tin roofing materials. Tin snips are great for small roofing projects or an installation that requires minimum cuts. To cut metal roofing where the waste tin is on the right side, you can use right-hand tin scissors.

You can also use the same tool to make a curve cut in the opposite direction. On the contrary, if the waste tin is on the left side, it would be great to use left-handed tin snips. Meanwhile, straight tin scissors are used to make intricate and straight cuts or even cut openings in the sheet’s center.

Using Circular Saw

Although this tool can be used to cut metal sheets, it’s not really the best tool for cutting tin roofing. Only circular saws that are specifically made for cutting metal roofing should be used.

Besides, you won’t be able to cut more than one sheet simultaneously, and you have to put the exposed surface of the sheet down to avoid a damaged finish.

How to Cut Corrugated Tin Roofing

How to Cut Corrugated Tin Roofing
  1. To cut corrugated metal roofing, you can use a circular saw made for cutting metal sheets. To start, place the tin roofing on your work surface. You can either use sawhorses or a sawing table.
  1. Use a sharp-teethed blade as it is specifically made for cutting metal roofing. While the diamond one will give you a clean and tidy cut, they’re more costly than a regular circular saw.
  1. Weigh the tin sheet down with your hand or heavy objects and start guiding the saw slowly through the tin roofing sheet. Be sure not to move the saw at an edge when cutting. The ridges in a corrugated tin will help you to get a straight cut with no hassle. However, you will lose control if you try to turn your circular saw.

Those are the three methods of how to cut tin roofing. You can use one of the three cutting tools depending on what type of cuts you desire.

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