Method on How to Attach Roof Over Deck From House

The roof is an integral part of the house, giving you better protection from sunlight, rain, and even snow. Building a roof can be done as a DIY project—meaning you plan and build it yourself. That said, you can as well get some help from professionals.

But indeed, you need to pay some money for the service as well. If you wonder how to attach roof over deck from the house, you can find the step-by-step in this article below.

How Do I Attach Roof Over Deck from House?

How to Attach Roof Over Deck From House

You should know about roofing your deck that you need to attach it to the fencing of your deck. Hence, it would be best if you made sure first whether your deck has a sturdy material or not. Once you’re confident that your deck has enough sturdiness to overcome the roof post’s weight, you can build your roof over the deck.

Another thing you should think about is how to attach the deck roof directly to your house. There are three methods you can pick:

  1. Attaching the back channel to the fascia directly. This method is the simplest one to do, but you won’t be able to add height or lower the height of your deck roof.
  2. Attach the patio roof onto the gutter of the house. This requires higher effort and skill to do compared to the first method, but with this one, you can ensure that the roofing is set higher. However, since the gutter is not attached, you will need to install flashing from the roof to the deck roof as a replacement for the gutter.
  3. Install riser brackets for more height. Although it can be pricier, the result is neat, and you can get more air with this method. This is because you don’t need to add flashing to the back channel connecting the house roof and deck roof. The risk is clear: you may still have your deck wet since the downpour can flow down from the house roof and drip on your porch.

Aside from those three methods, you can find out some roof patio ideas online. One of the most frequent methods is the free-standing roof-over deck method. Let’s move on to the talk of the procedure of attaching a roof over the house’s deck.

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  1. One thing to make sure is the method you are going to use. This will be important to do since the first step is to attach the back channel—and those methods all differ in its back channel only.
  2. Once you attach the back channel, you can attach the front channel posts. As said, you will need to attach it directly to the fence. Ensure that the front posts are installed properly, and you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Then, start attaching the beams and rafters as required by the design you choose.
  4. Then secure some plywood on the rafters.
  5. Proceed to install the underlayment and shingles as required.

Well, that’s the procedure of how to attach roof over deck from house. It is quite simple to do, and if you have skills in carpentry, this procedure is said to be done quickly.

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