Raising the Roof on a House: Everything You Need to Know

You might be considering raising the roof to get a higher ceiling that appears very beautiful. Especially if you have an old-style house with flat and low ceilings, you can change the design and architecture slightly.

However, before you do it, there are a few questions that you might want to ask first.

Raising the Roof on a House, Is It Possible?

The answer will be very different from one house to another. To get the answer, you need to find the type of roof of your house. There are two types of roofs that your house might have: the truss type or the stick type.

Among the two types, the truss type can be easily raised; meanwhile, you will need to remove it and then rebuild it completely for the latter type. So, you should make a vaulted ceiling for the stick roof type instead.

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Benefits That You Will Get from Higher Roof

  • Interior feels larger without having to expand your house
  • Increase the capacity of your house with higher shelving or attic
  • You can add a floor to increase your house’s sq ft
  • Add new architectural elements with skylights or exposed beams
  • Can adjust the roof pitch to make it more beautiful and more functional

Things You Need To Consider Before Raising Your Roof

  1. Ductwork, HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical wires

It is important to know if all of those things are running through your ceiling or not since it will highly affect the cost, time, and complexity of the project. You might need to disable or re-route them before reconstructing every system after your roof is raised. This means you will get additional costs on top of the cost that you need to raise the roof.

  1. Structural issue

Besides those systems we mentioned before, the structure of your house will also have its issues. Some architectural structures are more accessible to raise compared to others. For example, the ranch architecture house will be easier to raise than the Victorian one.

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Furthermore, if you have chimneys, they will have their issue since you need to alter or move them. You might spend an additional $500-$6,000 and more if any structural damage needs to be repaired.

  1. Building permit

Remember that you must first require a permit before doing the project. You should go to the residential department in your area and ask about all the requirements needed to get the permit. Sometimes, your contractor may also help you to get the permit if necessary.

The Average Cost That You Need to Spend to Raise the Roof

The average cost typically goes from $15,000 to $20,000 to raise the roof of your house. Your location may also affect the cost as labor costs will differ from one area to another.

Remember that the cost might increase if there are issues like what we mentioned above. Furthermore, the size of your house, the materials, and other refinishing touch will also increase the cost. Here are some of the costs you might want to consider:

  • Labor cost: $1.50-$3 per sq ft
  • Structural engineering consultation cost: $1,200
  • Old roof removal and reinforcement cost $7,400
  • Plumbing and electrical rewiring cost $4,200
  • New roof installation costs $29,000 (may differ based on the material used)

Conclusion As you can see, it is possible to raise your house’s roof based on the roof type you have. Remember that you need to consider the cost of raising the roof and another additional cost that might follow it.

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