Tutorial on How to Install Architectural Shingles over 3 Tab Shingles

For you who want to upgrade your home’s old exterior appearance, particularly on the roof deck, it may be a good idea to consider installing architectural shingles. You can also add an additional protection layer to prevent water damage.

These materials are quite similar to common asphalt shingles, but there are some differences. The 3-tab shingle is a type of shingle that is flat on the roof and easy to install. If you want to know its installation process, see the step-by-step guide on installing architectural shingles over 3 tab shingles below.

How to Install Architectural Shingles over 3 Tab Shingles

How to Install Architectural Shingles over 3 Tabs

Most houses, especially the old ones, are usually designed with regular 3 tab shingles. Even though they look like they have 3 different pieces, there’s actually only one. They have lighter quality and cost less, but they have less durability compared to architectural shingles.

One of the biggest benefits of using architectural shingles is that they last much longer than the standard model. Thus, your roof’s lifespan will also increase. It might cost more to purchase and install, but you don’t have to worry about its replacement for years.

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Moreover, it adds more protection to the roof. Its modern appearance can raise the home value as well. Architectural shingles are among the most energy-efficient than other roofing materials.

Now, if your home already uses the standard shingles, you may want to update it by installing architectural shingles over existing ones. It costs you less compared to dismantling the existing roof and starting from zero again.

However, it must be noted that overlaying architectural roof shingles over 3-tab should only be done once because there is a risk of future problems that may induce pricey reparation and shorten the roof lifespan.

If you think of doing a DIY project on this matter, then check out first the guide on how to install architectural shingles over 3 tab shingles in the following:

  1. Begin by nailing down the very bottom row of roof shingles.
  2. Set shingles from the sides, and arrange them to overlap with each other as you go on.
  3. Ensure that the first shingles’ row you lay must extend the drip edge for about one inch.
  4. Nail down each shingle with four nails for each. Set it on under the tar perimeter and about 0.5 inches under the overlapping shingles.
  5. Complete each side first, then set the ridge cap shingles. Start from the left side to the right side in an organized way.
  6. Ensure the shingles overlap, so the nail under them is covered, then nail the upper part down.
  7. Continue the 6th step on how to install 3-tab shingles until all the roofing area is covered.
  8. Cover all the nails with roofing tar to make them waterproof.
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Architectural shingles cost about $25 per sq ft. The price is obviously higher compared to regular shingles, but the quality is worth it. As mentioned above, it is very durable. Architectural shingles can offer better insulation, and when you add home value increase to the equation, you may consider they are actually affordable.

If you want to install standard composition shingles or random cutout shingles, then the installation methods are similar. You could complete the overlaying project of 1,500 sq ft in a couple of days with the help of one or two persons.

While the guide on installing architectural shingles over 3-tab shingles provides you with a simpler and easier way to perform the roofing project, it is not a task for everyone. It’s always better to discuss or ask for help from a professional roofer or the construction service company first before deciding to do it yourself.

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