The Best Time of Year to Remove Moss from Roof and Some Ways to Solve It

Excessive dampness is one of the causes of some moss on roofs causes. That generates excellent circumstances for moss growth and reproduction. Initially, only a small amount of moss was growing on the edges of the roof.

However, its population can continue to grow over time. Rain and wind become forces that aid in the growth of moss.

There is no certain best time of year to remove moss from the roof. This is because moss cannot be predicted when it may come due to unpredictable weather and humidity nowadays. But there are some ways to remove the moss from the roof, so it is better to keep reading this article.

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Should You Remove Moss from Roof?

Be aware of moss on roof causes, as well as the effects of it. Thus, to prevent moss, you should remove moss from the roof for the reasons below.

best time of year to remove moss from roof

  • The Presence of Moss Can Keep the Roof Wet

Moss can soon grow even if a tiny bit of moss grows on the roof. This is due to its capacity to hold moisture. Whenever dew or rain falls on the roof, the rainfall or dew can accumulate on roofs, making everything more humid.

This fluid can not drain fast since it is obstructed by moss, which traps moisture and makes it difficult to dissipate. So, the best time of year to remove moss from roof is approximately 0.5 years due to the moisture.

  • Moss Can Readily Deteriorate the Roof

Moss may damage the roof and render it hollow over time. Roofs, without a doubt, have now become extremely vulnerable to rainfall leaks or severe winds. This worn roof will tumble down if it is not changed promptly, which puts people’s lives in jeopardy.

Because of this circumstance, the best time to remove moss from roof is maybe once a year. You should check your roof once a year to check this condition.

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How to Stop Moss Growing On Roof

Below are some ways to stop moss from growing on your house’s building roofs.

  • Cover with Clear Coating

A coating is a substance that can be used for surface protection. The purpose of utilizing a coating is to conserve the material while also respecting it. A transparent layer can keep moss from growing on the tile. Perhaps the best time of year to remove moss from roof using this method is once a year.

  • Set Copper Wire

Copper wire refers to ridge caps or galvanized copper bands. You may acquire it at your local construction supply store. Place that copper wire longitudinally beneath the tile. Ensure there are at least 4 to 5 inches of copper bands protruding.

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  • Use Waterproof Material

Moss cannot grow on the exterior because no water can penetrate the roof’s porosity. To provide optimal protection, you should use a waterproof substance treated with anti-moss and antifungal chemicals.

  • Add Hydrogen Peroxide

Roof cleaning products are often composed of hydrogen peroxide. Such a substance is capable of preventing the development of moss upon that roof’s surfaces as well as eradicating existing moss.

Remove Moss From Roof with Vinegar

Produce an eco-friendly formula using a cup of O2 bleach and a gallon of fresh liquid. You may alternatively use 8 ounces of detergent liquid or 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 cups of white vinegar plus 2 gallons of freshwater or H2O.

Fill a plant sprayer halfway with the mixture; a shoulder sprayer is preferable when walking or kneeling on stairs.

So, those are some of the best times of year to remove moss from roof, and several ways to solve it. You can use one or all of the methods to remove the moss or seek professional assistance.

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