4 Simple Tricks on How to Keep Birds away from Roof

Birds love to perch at the furthest up of a structure, such as a roof, because they can land, sit around, and cast down. However, pest birds often leave nasty and horrid droppings all over the area. Not to mention, they also bring safety and health risk and a tendency to make bothersome noise.

Overlooking the issue may lead to a heap of cleanups and expensive repairs. Read a few tricks on how to keep birds away from roof below and practice them before more extensive problems such as nesting and damage arise.

how to keep birds away from roof

How to Keep Birds Away from Roof Eve

Almost all wild birds, except for starlings, pigeons, and English sparrows, are illegal to kills, trap, or possess because they are protected by state and federal laws – along with their nests and eggs. This left homeowners with a handful of options for humanely and safely relocating or removing the hassling creatures.

Below are five things that can help you on how to keep birds away from roof:

  • Shiny items

Reflective and shiny items can keep away birds on the roof. This is because birds don’t like their light reflections. Hung aluminum cans, small mirrors, new CDs, or tin foil near the areas frequently approached by birds.

  • Predators

There are plenty of natural predators for birds, such as cats or larger preying birds. You may place an object that mimics their shapes close to the roof area to prevent the birds from land or nest on them. They can be made from metal, wood, or practically any material that can resist the outdoor environment.

  • Repellent sprays

You can find a few different versions of DIY repellent sprays that can be created at home. However, the most popular one is the mixed solution of vinegar, water, and chili peppers. To make it, combine vinegar, water, and crushed dried chili pepper, then heat the mixture for several hours under sunlight or by using a crockpot. After that, spray the repellent solution in the areas the birds usually visit.

  • Bird Spikes

These items are narrow, long spikes usually made from plastic or aluminum and attached to window sills, roofs, or eaves. They are available in various sizes and usually come with screw holes or glue tracks to support easy installation. They can prevent the birds from frequent your roof because the spikes will make them uncomfortable.

How to Keep Birds Away from Overhangs on Your Roof

As you can see, there are several ways that you can do to prevent birds from making noise on roofs or nesting around the area. You may try those methods of how to keep birds away from the roof one by one. However, you still have to deal with this particular issue despite already making several different attempts. You may reach a pest control company that can provide professional help in controlling wildlife.

They will come to your home and thoroughly evaluate the roof area to determine the bird species that must be dealt with and choose the best, most effective, and legal treatment courses to take.

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