7 Benefits of Applying Burnished Slate Metal Roof

Burnished slate metal roof, what are the benefits of applying the stuff? In terms of the exterior, a roof plays many important roles for sure. It is more than just an item to protect your building from rain and sunshine. When the design is good, the entire building can look more beautiful and stunning also.

Burnished Slate Metal Roof
Burnished Slate Metal Roof

There are many types of roofs you can choose for the home. Aside from the roof made from clay and ceramic, there is also a metal roof to choose from. The metal roof is still divided into some types, and the burnished slate metal roof is one of them. There are some benefits of applying this type of metal roof. What are they? Here are the explanations.

A More Durable Burnished Slate Metal Building

The slate metal roof tends to be durable with high endurance. There are some reasons for it. First, the roof is unbreakable, particularly if you compare it with a ceramic or clay roof. It would help if you did not worry about strong winds that may fall the roof down. Even if the roof pieces are fallen, they will not be broken.

Durable Burnished Slate Metal Roof
Durable Burnished Slate Metal Roof

Second, the roof also tends to be resistant toward attacks from termites, fungi, moss, and others. Those creatures are known to attach, grow, and even eat some home parts, including the roof and wall.

This is how the wall and roof are getting more fragile and easily broken. Since you can avoid them being attached there, the roof and building, in general, are getting more durable.

Easy to Install

Nowadays, some types of roofs are not sold in many pieces. Including the slate metal roof, they are offered in sheets, making them much easier to install and treat. All you need to do is measuring the size of the home’s upper area to know how long it needs for the roof. Sure, when the installation process is easier, it doesn’t take too much time to see the roof completely there on your house.


Interestingly, although it is so-called metal, the slate metal roof is not heavy at all. It is indeed known as lightweight material even if you carry one big sheet. Again, it gives you much easiness during the installation process and treatment. Besides, it is good for all types of building.

In fact, a building that is made from plywood is not recommended to use clay or ceramic roof. Well, those roof types are just too heavy for the building. While you choose the slate metal roof for a plywood building, it is safe and more necessary.

Suitable for Earthquake-Prone Area

Be grateful if your area is safe from natural disasters like earthquakes. There are so many places out there that are prone to this unexpected accident. No matter where you live now, some solutions are there to minimize the damages because of the earthquake. Well, one of them is by applying the slate metal roof.

As it has been mentioned above, this type of roof is lightweight and not easily broken. So, if the roof is fallen or something, you can still reinstall it later. There is no need to buy a new one. It is much better if the installation is powerful. In many cases, the slate metal roof is still well-installed on the house even after a strong earthquake.

Environmentally Friendly

Most of the slate metal roof productions use recycled materials, even up to 60%. It just proves that the use of this roof is helpful to save the environment. Meanwhile, the chemical substances added to form the roof is also limited. That’s why; it is not exaggerating to recommend you to use this roof if you prefer environmentally friendly building materials.

Burnished Slate Color Code with Various Options

If you want to make your home living look more stylish and elegant, don’t worry. You can realize it by using the slate color roof. There are various color options to choose from depending on your taste and home design for sure.

Burnished Slate Color Code
Burnished Slate Color Code

Previously, the color codes of this type of roof are indeed minimal. It is only around grey or brown. But due to many demands of other colors, it looks like many roof manufacturers put effort into preparing more colors. Don’t be surprised if the metal is available, even in red or yellow.

Well, it is burnished

Just like the name, the metal slate roof is burnished. But actually, you can choose another variant that is matte for sure. The burnish effect gives some benefits in terms of design anyway. If you want to make your exterior look new and gleaming, this roof is the best choice. It is suitable for various home exterior designs, whether you love modern, classic, vintage, and others.

Many types of roofs are widely available in the market nowadays. But sure, it is still not bad to choose the metal one, including the burnished slate metal roof.