Batt Insulation Cost Per Square Foot: the Types and Installation Prices

Batt insulation is a prevalent form of insulation predominantly made from fiberglass. It is traditionally manufactured in rolls or pre-cut into standard sizes to fit common applications.

Batt insulation can be installed in various home areas, including basements, walls, floors, attics, and ceilings. It’s especially convenient for areas that are regularly shaped and free of obstructions. This convenience and the batt insulation cost per square foot make it a favored choice among homeowners.

What is the Batt Insulation Cost per Square Foot?

The average batt insulation cost is between $0.12 and $0.16 per board foot. This is what you will spend when you would like to cover a wall of 3.5 inches that gives you an R-11 quality.

Batt Insulation Cost Per Square Foot

Meanwhile, the cost of one roll is varied, depending on their R-values.  Homeowners might spend about $145 to $200 to cover a 500 sq ft area being insulated without professional assistance. Despite this, labor to install batt insulation can be quite manageable compared to other home improvement projects due to its simplicity, particularly in accessible spaces.

Since you can install the insulation material on your own, the labor expenses are smaller than other projects, such as construction, plumbing, or wiring. If you decide to hire a professional, you will only pay around $25 to %50 per hour.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation Cost Per Square Foot

Fiberglass batt is an excellent option for those looking to complete their insulation projects while managing costs efficiently. The installation cost of fiberglass batts does not typically require specialized skills, particularly in open areas like attics.

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Using basic tools like a utility knife, putty knife, and measuring tape, you can install faced insulation or unfaced insulation relatively quickly. However, ensuring that the installation is snug and secure is critical to maintaining the material’s R-value. Loose corners or damage can significantly diminish its effectiveness.

This type of insulation can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, thus lowering monthly energy bills. The fiberglass insulation cost per square foot ranges from $0.16 to $1.19. To insulate a 500 sq ft area, you’ll need a budget of about $145 to $200 if you opt for a DIY approach.

R-13 Batt Insulation Cost

The R-13 batt insulation is made from precut sizes for your home’s joists and studs. The R-13 is basically the lowest R-value, meaning the insulation it provides is no better than the other R-values. However, this insulation still offers several advantages, these include:

  1. It helps to minimize monthly electricity bills.
  2. It helps control noise and is perfect to be installed in the home office, bedrooms, utility room, living room, bathroom, and kitchen.
  3. Its installation can be combined with another type of insulation to attain a higher R-value if it is to be mounted in exterior walls, such as attic and ceiling areas.

Even though the Department of Energy in the US considers the R-13 batt insulation as decent for exterior usage, they claim that the R-19 is higher and better than its counterpart.

But it doesn’t mean that the R-13 will not make a good investment. The R-13 batt insulation cost per square foot starts at around $0.15 to $0.20 with a thickness of 3.6 inches, which is relatively inexpensive compared to other R-value insulation.

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