Signs of Roof Leak in Attic Hidden Things You Should Pay Attention

There are many signs of roof leaks in the attic other than the obvious dripping water. However, some people might neglect it or not know if what happened is a sign of a leak in their roof. That is why you need to learn about the hidden sign to spot it immediately.

Hidden Signs of Roof Leak in Attic That You Should Pay Attention

  1. Water stain

If there is any discoloration on your wall or ceiling, then it can be a clear indication of a roof leak. Usually, the stain will appear as a brown- or black-colored puddle. This stain is caused by the water leaks that moves around the roof.

signs of roof leak in attic

Besides the wall or ceiling, you can also find similar stains around the vents and chimney. Moreover, the water can move down from the rafters, creating more stains away from the leak source.

  1. Algae and mold growth

Usually, it happens when the weather is humid and warm attic air. The fungi or algae that travel through the air will reach your roof and grow there with enough water. Although it might not affect your roofing system, it can serve as a warning sign of roof leaks in the attic.

  1. Shiners

If you go to the attic at night when it is very cold, you will see shiny frozen nails on the roof, called shiners. They are the nails that missed the framing when installed.

When there is a leak in your roof, water will drip down the nail and freeze because of the cold. But it will easily melt after the weather becomes warm during the day. You must go into the attic at night to identify this sign of damage.

Temporary Solutions That You Can Do Until You Call Professional Help

  1. Handle water penetration inside

Inspect the ceiling area to find bulging or dark spots with your hand. Find one that is the softest or the dampest, then punch a small hole right in the center to remove the water. Do not forget to collect the water with a bucket.

  1. Try to find the source
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Inspect the roof deck on the attic and find the source after finding early signs of roof leaks in the attic. You should know that the damaged area and the leak source might not be aligned as water can travel elsewhere. Thus, you need to trace the pattern on the roof to find the source.

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  1. Temporary sealing of the leak

After you find the leak, seal it to prevent further water damage. You can use roofing tape or cement to seal the area temporarily. If the weather is good and you have done the right safety measure, you can seal it from the top of your deck. You can seal the deck using roofing tape, cement, or plastic tarp.

Do These Things to Prevent Roof Leak

  1. It is important to resolve the damaged flashings on your roof and maintain them. It is better to do this once a year so your roof can remain waterproof.
  2. Remember to clean the gutters frequently so water can flow down the gutters instead of elsewhere and cause problems.
  3. It is important to do frequent inspections to spot the sign immediately instead of waiting until the leak worsens.


As you can see, there are a few signs of roof leaks in the attic that you can easily notice once you know what you are looking for. Do not forget to perform the temporary solution until you can call a roofing contractor once you find the leak.

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