Can You Walk on a Metal Roof? Here’s How to Do It Safely

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Realistically speaking, there will be times where it is necessary to step on top of your roof. Checking on any damage, for example, needs closer inspection than just examining it from ground.

The problem is, plenty of conventional roof materials such as wood, asphalt, or aluminum roof are unsafe – that’s why a lot of homeowners are hesitant about stepping on them. There is a high risk of putting further damage like breaking the shingles.

Can You Walk on a Metal Roof

Newer material such as metal might be more study, but can you walk on a metal roof while keeping your home and yourself safe? Find out more below.

Can You Walk on a Metal Roof without Damaging It

Metal roof for residential building is typically made from aluminum, steel, or copper. To prevent rust, the steel sheet rolls are usually layered by metallic top, complied by baked-on finishing paint.

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The aluminum ones need to be painted but doesn’t need metallic coating in general. Meanwhile, copper is a natural metal, so they don’t require to be painted.

Now, if the questions of can you walk on a metal roof have made you wonder recently, short answer is: you can. However, the process still comes with some cautions in order not to cause damage to the roof.

Follow these three simple rules here to make it safe:

Make sure you wear clean shoes with soft soles

Shoes with soft soles are the best to walk on slippery metal surface. It is great to choose soles made from rubber material, because rubber grips the roof really well and create great traction so you don’t slip out.

Avoid dropping any heavy tool on the roof

Metal panels are sensitive if it’s hit by something heavy, causing the surface to bend. If it’s possible, only opt for lightweight tools and use professional belts.

Learn to properly walk on the correct spots

The correct techniques to walk on the metal roof will depend a lot on the type metal such as standing seam, metal tile, or corrugated steel roofs. You may ask direct instruction from roofing expert, contractors, or manufacturer.

Can You Walk on Metal Shingles

In general, metal is actually the safest, most walkable roof materials compared to others. It has capability to resist pressure from human’s weight. This quality doesn’t lose with age, meaning that even in 50 years on the future; you can traverse the metal roof without any significant issue.

For metal shingles, many experts recommend to walk on the top half part of its panel. That is where the airspace between each metal is minimal.

Can You Walk on Metal Shingles

Consider to install foam backers if you think you might step on the shingles repeatedly – so the areas will be firmer and can handle foot traffic better.

That being said, checking the condition of the metal roofing is still important to when you’re going to walk over it. Check the procedure after you get proper answer of can you walk on a metal roof.

Do not ever attempt to walk on wet metal shingles as they are really dangerous to walk over. Even professionals will wait until the nature cooperates.