What is the Best Roofing Material for High Winds?

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Hurricane season is around the corner. For the majority of houses located in areas that are prone to hurricane, and do not have roofs designed to combat the impact of strong weather may be severely damaged by high winds.

That’s why it is highly important to have a strong roof that’s able to withstand this hurricane season. Having proper roofing material will definitely save the homeowners in high winds areas from a considerable amount of expenses.

Rather than spending large sums of money which would end up being used in roofing repairs, it is way better to have a solid roof that’s ready to combat strong weather. Read on to find out the best roofing material for high winds.

Best Roofing Material for High Wind Areas

Well, talking about the best roofing material for high winds, there are a number of options available in the market.

Best Roofing Material for High Winds
  1. Metal

Metal consider as one of the optimal roofing materials to combat strong winds because it is waterproof and no gaps that both water and wind can go through. Metal roofing is an optimal option since it can resist 140 miles per hour winds and avoid extreme temperatures for houses in warmer areas.  

  1. Slate Tiles

Although slate tiles are heavy and costly, they are highly resilient in terms of rain and wind resistance. They also consider as one of the best windproof roofing materials. Because of their sturdiness, it’s difficult for the wind to go through under the slate tiles or damaging them.

Best Shingles for High Winds

Shingles is a common roofing material that can easily be found in the market. Fiberglass shingles are among the best options for combating heavy winds since they are robust and less prone to strong forces and temperatures. Unlike other singles, fiberglass shingles are way affordable than other shingles made from wood, slate, or clay.

Best Roof Style for High Winds

Using the best roofing materials only to withstand high winds during hurricane season is not enough. The roof design is also vital to enhance protection. For hurricane season, the roofs with numerous slopes like hip roofs are typically way better than gable roofs with just two slopes.

Gable roofs are indeed easy to be found since they are cheaper. However, they are more prone to winds hitting the horizontal part of house. When you are searching for a roof style that’s able to combat high winds, either only for a brief or long term period of time, hip roofs are unquestionably the most optimal option out there.

Living in several areas which have strong winds make the majority of house owner have to spend some extra effort and expenses to make their houses are able to withstand strong weather.

Even so, selecting the best roofing material for high winds only is not enough to give the best protection. Aside from choosing the right material, selecting the best type of shingles and the roof style are also vital to combat high winds during hurricane season.