Does Home Warranty Cover the Roof?

Does home warranty cover roof? Well, first of all, you need to learn about the term of the home warranty. It cannot be denied that this is kind of an attractive deal found by the homeowners.

Their main selling point is to protect the homeowner from unexpected expenses that happened when a major system in the house gets down. But, is it worth it? What should you expect? You should read this article.


Commonly, the home warranty is included when a person buys a new home or transfers it to another homeowner. But, does home warranty cover roof? You can make an agreement so the roof of your home will be included in the policy in the first place.

In this article, we will show you things related to the home warranty so you know what to expect and the actions needed to take beforehand.

Does Home Warranty Cover Roof Leaks?

It is important for homeowners to quickly identify and repair the leak on the roof. It will help a lot to protect the home from moisture that could lead to further damage. Some companies offer coverage for roof leaks and some of them require you to purchase the adds on to get this service. This is why the coverage is not listed on the standard packages.


On the other hand, the coverage for roof leaks may also be limited. Once you notify the issue of the company, the company will assign a contractor to check the damage in the first place. However, the repair will only cover the patching and not the root. Some homeowners may feel relieved about this thing but it is not the answer to all questions.

Does Home Warranty Cover Roof Replacement?

As we have mentioned earlier, the home warranty coverage might cover the patch of the leak. However, if your roof needs a total replacement, home warranties will not cover the whole cost. Some homeowners might get confused as well considering this point is covered in some home systems. For example, the central or furnace air unit is covered in the policy while roofs are another different category. 

After you issued the problem to the company, they may want to know the age of the roof along with its condition. This point is going to be used for determining the coverage extent. Normally, the pre-existing condition is not recognized under all types of policies.

Even if you purchase the adds on of home warranties, nothing would cover the structural issues. Many roof problems are commonly grouped in this area. So, you better consider this thing in the first place before purchasing any home warranty.

Does Home Warranty Cover Roof Repair?

As we have mentioned earlier, the coverage provided by the home warranty is very limited. If you have issued the roof problem to the company, they might be covering the cost of patching repairs. More than that would not be covered by the company.

Every contract is different from one another and it depends on the company’s specifications. Some items that are commonly covered may include laundry and kitchen appliances, electrical and plumbing issues, heating and cooling systems, and some other aspects. You can get this coverage by purchasing the standard plan. However, you need to spend more money to get coverage.

Does Home Warranty Cover Roof Repair

The annual premium price should be paid to get the coverage. If one day a system breaks down, you can call the company to make a claim. The company will later assign a contractor to take care of the issue while you need to pay a deductible for every service.

This plan is worth taking a look at especially if the house is more than 5 years old of age. On the other hand, this plan is a great option while you have no established connection with the local contractor.

Purchasing a home warranty only based on the roof leak coverage is not a wise decision considering the limitation and restriction is very narrow. It is important to inspect a property before purchasing it. Keep in mind that home warranties may also not cover existing conditions. Make sure you read the contract to know what to expect.