Easy Step-by-step Guide on How to Install Wood Stove Pipe Through Metal Roof

The wood stove is equipment that generates heat to provide heat indoors by using combustible materials. To connect it with the chimney, you will need stove pipe – which installation can be tricky, especially if you have a metal roof. The guide below will show you how to install wood stove pipe through metal roof properly and make the challenging work easier.

How to Install Wood Stove Pipe through Metal Roof and Chimney Set Up

how to install wood stove pipe through metal roof

Here is the guide on how to install wood stove pipe through a metal roof:

  1. Assuming that your wood stove hasn’t been installed already, set it up first in the desired spot.
  2. Create a mark to indicate the center of pipe on the roof sheathing plywood, and then drill a hole on the mark you have created and penetrate through the metal roof.
  3. Use a drawing compass to mark the hole’s outer diameter required for the chimney on the outside surface of the metal roof. Create minimum two inches clearance between the enclosing material and the pipe surface to prevent fire threat after the chimney is active.
  4. Use jigsaw and combination blade to make a hole on the plywood and the roof. Put a flashing on top of freshly made hold, and move it several inches down, then create a line with a pencil to determine the upper edge. Cut the flashing where the line is created by using snips.
  5. Locate the flashing’s upper edge under the roofing paper and the roof. Shift it through the pipe hole of the chimney. Raise your roof slightly by using half an inch string of exterior decorator grade. It must be made approximately half an inch above the spot where the flashing surface meets with the roof. Repeat the step, but this time under the base’s perimeter edge.
  6. Assemble chimney based on the owner’s instruction from the manufacturer. Once it has assembled correctly, insert it on the hole of the roof. Grab the chimney’s lower or bottom end, and position it on the wood stove flange.
  7. Check every single thing you’ve done so far twice. You have to ensure that the chimney has been securely set to the flange, the flashing that must be in line with the caulk, and if the flashing has been secured by screws to maintain its place.
  8. Set the chimney through metal roof as instructed by the manuals. Put a tiny amount of caulk on every border of the flashing and on the collar’s gaps to make sure that no water or moisture will seep through in it.

Nowadays, it is easy to find various types of stovepipes through metal roof kits. However, before you try to follow the guide on how to install wood stove pipe through the metal roof above, make sure that you’ve read the federal or local building codes, which may provide specific regulations and rules when it comes to modifying your metal roof.

You may consult with the professional building contractors in your area to ensure that you have followed the guidelines properly.

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