The Importance of Installing Metal Roof Chimney Flashing for the Home Construction

There is a case where you live in an area with extreme weather. In this condition, it is important to keep the chimney flashing safe. Indeed, the metal roof chimney flashing is necessary to install because it protects your house from the water that leaks into it.

Metal Roof Chimney Flashing

If you don’t know the leak and the water keeps running, slowly but surely it will damage the house’s ceilings and walls. Let’s talk more about chimney flashing so you can use it to protect your house maximally.    

Chimney Pipe Flashing for Metal Roof

Chimney pipe flashing is a good option for houses with a metal roof. People prefer to use this flashing because of its thin and flexible design. You have to do several simple steps to replace the old chimney pipe flashing or install a new one.

  • Remove the old chimney pipe flashing first.
  • Clean the surface around the roof, including the surface around the pipe flashing connector.
  • Create an outline for the place to install the new flashing
  • Install the new chimney pipe flashing and tighten the installation by screwing it and applying silicone. You can add other parts, such as a storm collar or seam.
  • The last thing to do is install the cap, and the chimney pipe flushing is ready to use.   

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Metal Roof Chimney Flashing Kit

You can easily buy a chimney flashing kit online or at the stores close to your living area. A package of chimney flashing for metal roofs consists of:

Metal Roof Chimney Flashing Kit
  1. Closure strip for the outside part
  2. Closure strip for the inside part
  3. Tube of caulk
  4. Front flashing
  5. Back flashing
  6. Side flashing

Commonly, you will get 3 inches flashings, whether for the front, back, or side. It depends on the product and manufacturer. Chimney flashing is available in various colors to make it more stylish and fancier when you apply it to the metal roof. The main function is to seal and protect the chimney base from the leak. Just buy a new chimney flushing kit if the old flushing is missing.

Chimney Flashing For Corrugated Metal Roof

Chimney Flashing For Corrugated Metal Roof

Before installing chimney flashing for corrugated metal roofs, you must consider some important things.

First, you have to clean up the area close to the old flashing or where you want to install the flashing.

Just clean the area until it looks smooth and dry. This action aims to keep the flushing away from bubbles during the installation process. If there are bubbles in the caulking, there is a place for air to flow, and the installation is not tight enough to hold the flashing. As a result, the flushing doesn’t work well, and rainwater can pass through the chimney.

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Second, you also need to consider the overlap while installing the flashing.

It is better to give an overlap of around 4 to 6 inches. The function is to ensure the flashing segments stick together and prevent gaps and leaks. You can use metal screws or nails to hold the flashing segments perfectly.

Use the right tools while doing the project. For example, you may use a nail gun to install the nails into the flashing to prevent cracking during installation.

Third, you have to install chimney flashing in the corrugated metal roof if you see the flashing is gone because of corrosion or damage.

You should replace the flashing with a new one if you see rust around it. Flashing is easily attacked by rust because it is made of aluminum, galvanized steel, and copper. One of the reasons why the flashing doesn’t work well is that the flashing is covered with roofing tar.

Just replace it immediately before rainwater passes through the flashing, damaging your ceilings or walls. Due to the material’s condition, you must check the condition of the chimney regularly flashing so you know there is no problem with the installation. 

Finally, you know that installing a metal roof chimney flashing is important. A perfect chimney flashing protects the metal roof from leaks that can damage the wall and ceiling. You can install the chimney flashing kit alone by following the instructions carefully.

Installing the flashing is tricky, and you must do it perfectly; otherwise, it doesn’t benefit because water still flows past the flashing installation.      

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