How to Apply Paint for Galvanized Metal Roof Properly in A Step-by-Step Guide

Galvanized steel is commonly used to build metal roofing panels due to its great resistance to various elements such as water and impact. A lot of modern homeowners that use steel panel roofing choose to paint them to match and elevate the exterior of the house and prevent unwanted issues such as a rusty metal roof.

Discover more about the best paint for galvanized metal roof and how to apply it properly below.

Best Paint for Rusted Galvanized Metal Roof

Can you paint galvanized metal roofing? You may wonder this question if you use this material for the roofing system of your house or building. The answer is an absolute yes. In fact, the paint can provide benefits, depending on how it is formulated.

paint for galvanized metal roof

Here is a range of properties that you can look for in galvanized metal roof paints to help optimize the resilience and performance of your roof:

  • Weather resistant: As one of the very first defense lines against adverse weather conditions, it is important to select a paint type that has great resilience to extreme environments and temperatures during summer and winter without being prone to damage or cracks.
  • Waterproof: Using a paint that has great resistance against water can help to lower the potential of water-caused damage, leaks, and pooling.
  • Chemical substances: Try searching for toxic-free and environmentally-friendly paint that won’t impact the surroundings negatively.
  • UV protection: Harmful ultraviolet radiation is a critical problem that can immensely impact the condition of your metal roofing system. Choosing paint with UV reflective characteristics helps to eliminate fading, flaking, or cracking possibility due to UV ray exposure.
  • Ease of application: Selecting a paint that can be applied easily and practically is crucial, especially if you’re intend to make the roof painting a DIY project. This also helps with a quicker and smoother application process.
  • Cost-effective: The price of the paint doesn’t necessarily translate to its quality. You can find and choose from a range of diversified products with similarly diversified price points.

Not sure if the paint you’ve chosen is suitable for your roofing system? If you have any doubt, it’s recommended to seek guidance and advice from expert roofers or a roofing contractor company.

How to Paint Galvanized Steel Roof

The key to a smooth application of paint for a galvanized metal roof lies in thorough preparation. Utilize a metal primer and follow these steps to ensure the paint adheres properly and lasts longer:

  1. Begin by cleaning the galvanized roof area thoroughly, removing all traces of dirt, debris, rust, oil, and grease. Ensure the surface is free from grime to allow the primer and paint to adhere effectively.
  2. Treat the roof with a metal degreaser if the roof hasn’t reached one year old yet, to promote a better bond between the paint and the roof surface.
  3. Check if the panels and screws of the roof are fastened securely and tightly without any vulnerable or weak parts.
  4. Lay down a protective layer of material, such as a tarp to protect the area around from paint smudge and mess.
  5. Let the metal panels completely dry after cleaning, then apply a primer for the galvanized metal surface by using a roller, which typically has a base ingredient of acrylic or solvent.
  6. Once the primer is dry, apply the metal paint to the surface of the panels using extensive and continuous strokes with a paint roller. Ensure you use a generous amount of paint to cover the surface evenly but avoid over-application that could compromise the primer’s effectiveness.
  7. Wait until the paint layer dries to apply the second coat.

In general, two coats are considered sufficient, but some paint brands may recommend three.  Follow the instructions and advice plastered on the back of the paint for galvanized metal roof tin. They usually differ from one brand to another. Read the information thoroughly and search for recommended application methods or the thickness of every coat.

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