How to Insulate a Garage Roof for Several Roofing Types

Insulating your garage is not that crucial somehow, but if you want to keep your car house warm during that freezing winter, that reason is acceptable enough, though. For some people, the insulating houses may be a DIY project and not for others.

However, it is important to know a bit or two about the insulating house, whichever method you are taking. In this article, we will discuss how to insulate a garage roof on various roofing styles.

How to Insulate a Garage Roof

Although considered as a not-that-important project, some people decide to insulate their garage roof. Some consider this project not as important as typically. The roof is not affected by the house’s cooling or heating system.

How to Insulate a Garage Roof

However, if you decide to give more weather protection to your garage, it means you have to be ready with all procedures needed to be done, and you have to be ready to purchase the materials. You know, there are several types of insulating materials.

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Before you insulate your garage roof, you should check whether your garage is ready to be insulated or not. To know that, here are some points you need to check:

  1. Make sure your roof is clean. Dismiss any cobwebs, dust, and any other debris from your roof.
  1. While checking out for its cleanliness, check for any dampness or leaks. These things need to be fixed first before you insulate your roof. Otherwise, insulators will trap the humidity, which will not be good for your roof in the long run.
  1. Then, count your much-needed funds to purchase the insulators. If you are taking service, you might look for any available service now.
  1. Whether you are looking for a service or doing it yourself, these things are important to think about:
    • The total area you want to insulate
    • The material you want to use
    • Types of the area you want to insulate: is it full with a wiring system? Is it placed next to the air conditioner? Such points may affect the price of the insulating work.
    • Services you want to use and its labor cost (if you decide to hire a team).

Now that you’ve considered all of those points, let’s talk about how to insulate a garage roof in more detail.

How to Insulate a Finished Roof

To insulate a finished roof, one of the most used techniques is blown-in insulation. This is usually done by making around 6” diameter holes to blow the insulator from the bottom up.

Instead of making holes that are not easy to patch up, you can go with tearing the whole drywall first. Note that with this method, you are going to spend more expenses since you may break the drywall during the tearing-off process. Also, remember that there will be labor costs that you should budget as well.

You can either use blown-in insulation after tearing off your drywall, but many people shift into using insulated plasterboard instead. Installing it is pretty easier as you only need to seal the seams afterward.

How to Insulate a Flat Garage Roof

Insulating a flat garage roof is usually be done by using several items layering. Then, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. Prepare an OSB board or plywood, which measure is around 12 mm the lay it across the timber joists as the base of your flat roof.
  1. Install a layer of vapor control upon the plywood/OSB board.
  1. On top of it, place the rigid insulation layering according to your need (materials and thickness need to be considered beforehand).
  1. Next, install another plywood/board.
  1. Fix and secure the deck altogether with helical fixings. Make sure the fixings pierce through the insulation layer as well.
  1. Lastly, put on the waterproof membrane to protect your roof from driven rain, wind, or moisture.

How to Insulate a Metal Garage Roof

The best option to insulate your metal garage roof is to install a polystyrene insulating board. Not only it costs cheaper, but the installation is way easier to the extent you can install it yourself. Another option is to insulate the roof using spray foam.

How to Insulate a Metal Garage Roof

Remember that it may cost you hundreds to thousands depending on the area width and additional labor cost (if you decide to hire someone).

The procedure of how to insulate a garage roof, especially a metal one, is pretty similar to installing insulation on a flat roof. However, polystyrene insulation for a metal roof will usually be placed under the metal roof – not upon it. Don’t forget to put on vapor control and cover the insulation with plasterboard, plywood, or something similar.

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