7 Steps on How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof Easily

Some of you probably haven’t heard about Gambrel roof. You may not realize it or did not know that such a roof is called a Gambrel roof. A gambrel roof is also known as the barn-style roof, in which the roof has a shallow slope upon the steeper slope of the roof on each side.

So, there are at least 2 sides per face. In many areas, the Gambrel roof also has shingles to cover the roof. In case you own this roof and want to install shingles on top of it, check the article below about ‘how to shingle a Gambrel roof’.

How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof

How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof 

Shingling a Gambrel roof is actually similar to shingling common roof. There are no specific instructions to follow. Below is the detailed instruction :

  1. Count the need for shingles. Measure every length and width of each slope. Then count all of them and convert them to square meters. Once you go to the shop, you can ask the staff how many squares you need to cover the area. Usually, per 100 square meters, you’ll need a square of shingles.
  1. However, it depends on the size of the shingles themselves. Add 5% of the total shingles so that you have some substitutes.
  1. While planning to lay it on to your roof, it’s advised to do it on a sunny day. Once the heat reaches the shingles, especially the tarred side ones, that will make the shingles more flexible, so leads to easier shingles placement.
  1. Then, lay the shingles starting from the lowest slope of the Gambrel roof. Start it from one end to another end, and nail your shingles with galvanized nails to secure it. Cut the exceeding shingles with a razor blade neatly.
  1. For the second layer’s shingle, trim the left-most/right-most shingle in half. Then, lay the shingles and overlap them according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  1. The third layer’s shingle should follow the first layer’s shingle placement. Then, the fourth should follow the second layer, and so on.
  1. Continue laying the shingles until you reach the utmost side. Keep layering it following instruction 1-5 when reaching the different slopes. Also, do the same thing with another face of the roof.
  1. When you reach the peak, cap it off with ridge caps.

How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof Shed

Just like mentioned under the sub-headline, shingling a Gambrel roof shed is done like that. To ease your job, shingling it can be done on a sunny day. The heat can help the tarred shingles to be more flexible.

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Shingle Gambrel Roof Transition

Shingling a Gambrel roof transition will require you to shingle the lower pitch first. Then, if you’ve reached the upper edge:

  1. You should ordinarily apply shingles until reaching the top row, which connects to the next shallow slope. To do that, do every step of the details above. Suppose you got the upper part of the shingles too long and extended above the edge—no need to change that.
  1. Continue by placing the shingles in the shallow slope of your Gambrel roof. Make it extend the edge so that the shingles will overlap with the lower side shingles. Combine them all and secure them with a nail-like usual.

Alright, those are the steps on how to shingle a Gambrel roof. You might wonder can you use architectural shingles on a Gambrel roof. You can use any shingles while working on shingling your roof.

However, it might be more difficult to do as architectural shingles are much thicker and heavier by at least 50%. Also, bear in mind the architectural shingles will cost more. However, despite the drawbacks, the finished look will be better.

It also offers many upsides, especially its longevity. Therefore, choose one which suits your style and, most importantly, your budget.

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