Roof Shingles Colors Most Popular in 2024

It is important to know the roof shingles colors most popular that you can use for your house. Especially since there is a lot of variety in the color of roof shingles other than just plain black or brown. Here are some of the most popular roof shingle colors that you can use for your house.

4 Roof Shingles Colors Most Popular in 2024

  1. Classic Black

Black is a versatile and timeless choice that you can use for your house since it will not appear outdated. Moreover, black roof shingles can complement both modern and traditional houses.

Roof Shingles Colors Most Popular

Because black roof singles appear elegant and sleek, they match well with a lot of architectural styles. Most importantly, the color black helps hide any stains and dirt so you can have a polished and clean roof appearance at all times.

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  1. Gray

Gray roof shingles, the most popular choice, are perfect for various house styles since this color is very versatile and neutral. Furthermore, you can find various gray shades, from the lightest light gray to the darkest charcoal gray, to match your house aesthetic.

Gray color can also be paired easily with various exterior house colors. That way, you can create a more sophisticated and cohesive color palette.

  1. Brown

Brown color have an earthy and natural appeal that makes your house exterior appear rich and warm. Thus, it makes them the best choice for a house with a more traditional and rustic theme. Furthermore, the brown roof can blend easily with the surrounding nature, which helps make your house appear more welcoming. If you want, you can also use lighter shades, such as sand and tan, for a more neutral and subtle look.

  1. White

Another timeless color that makes your house appear clean and fresh. White roofs can add a more sophisticated and elegant look to your house. That is why this color suits both traditional and modern architecture houses.

But of course, if you want, you can also use a monochromatic color combination where you use one color for everything. So, to decide the best house and roof color combination, you need to match it with the house exterior color palette.

Should The Roof Color be Lighter Or Darker Than The House?

If you are wondering if the roof should be lighter or darker than the house? The answer depends on your house. If your house is small, then it is better to use lighter color roof shingles so it can appear larger.

Using darker roof shingles color will make your house appear even smaller since it will shrink the appearance. However, if your house is large, then you can use a darker color since it can help to balance the appearance.

What Is The Most Efficient Roof Color to Warm or Cool Your House?

Some people might think that a darker color will make the house warmer while a lighter color will cool the house. However, that is not true; as long as your house is insulated properly, then the interior temperature will not be affected by the exterior color.

So, you can use any roof shingle color that you like most popularly without having to worry about the effect. Just remember to insulate your house according to your climate properly, and then you will be good.

What Is The Best House And Roof Color Combinations?

One thing to remember is to choose contrasting roof colors to be installed in your house. For example, if the trim or siding is a lighter color, then using dark-colored roof shingles will create a beautiful contrast.


As you can see, many roof shingle colors are the most popular in 2024 that you can use for your house. Remember to choose colors that work well with the house exterior so it will enhance its appearance.

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