The Difference between Open Eaves vs Closed Eaves

Ever wondering what is the difference between open eaves vs closed eaves? If so, you are not the only one. There are many roofing terminologies that we don’t know, and one of the examples is as mentioned earlier. So, let’s discuss about the difference between open eaves and closed eaves, as well as some related information about this terminology.

What are Open Eaves vs Closed Eaves?

What are eaves on a house? Before understanding what the difference between each type of eave is, you need to know first the definition of eaves itself.

So, eaves are defined as a part of a house roof that is formed because of overhanging rafters. Oftentimes eaves are also called as overhangs.

open eaves vs closed eaves

In terms of these mentioned terms: open and closed eaves, the difference lies on the existence of soffit. Soffit is defined as the board that closes the overhang to provide a more finished look on the roof itself.

Given that the soffit plays a huge role in determining whether one eave is called a closed or open one, the definition of open eaves vs closed eaves can be described as follows:

  • Open eaves

Open eaves can be described as an overhang that is not equipped with a soffit. This means you can directly see the rafters that overhang.

  • Closed eaves

Closed eaves are simply described as an overhang that is closed with a soffit. This provides a more finished look and neat as the rafters are not exposed.

The Use of Eaves

You may wonder what the use of eaves is. To be simply put, the eaves of a house can provide these things as mentioned below:

  1. Regulating the temperature of a house

Since it is overhanging the roof, it provides your house a shading. This is practical in making your house to be protected from the harsh sun. This also helps the wall to escape from direct sunlight which typically leads to discoloration or even chapping.

  1. A decent protection from moisture or leakage

Since eaves are overhanging from the roof, it can minimize the wall from getting wet too much due to weather factors. Eaves are a great protective part of the roof that provides you with better protection of water-related causes.

  1. Decorative purpose

Aside from the two benefits mentioned, you can learn that with eaves your roof will look more dazzling. Eaves have been linked with various types of architecture and that should help you to get more insights about how to take eaves as a decorative ‘tool’ of your roof.

The Size of Eaves

In building your rood eaves, how big should the size be? Well, there is no basic rule about this; meaning there is no standard you can use to determine the size of your eaves.

However, if you want to stick with the normal size, the width of the eaves is generally around 16-18 inches wide. If you want to have it as shading, then it can be extended by 6 inches, making it to be around 24 inches.

Now you know what open eaves vs closed eaves are. Both types are good, it is just a matter of preference to choose which types of eaves you want. If you want the house to be aesthetically pleasing, sure it’ll be great to have the soffit placed beneath the eaves.