Guides on How To Extend A Roof Overhang

Overhangs on roofs protect the structure underneath from the weather and rain. The roof of your house should have at least one overhang. You should learn to extend the roof overhang if one does not exist or the existing one is too short.

How To Extend a Roof Overhang

So, here are step-by-step instructions on extending a metal roof overhang below.

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1. Getting the roof ready

First, you must remove the fascia boards covering the existing rafters’ ends to reach their tails. As well as the top plate of the exterior wall of your home, remove any other finish pieces that cover the rafter tails. It’s crucial to inspect the condition of the existing rafters before proceeding, as any signs of damage or wear could affect the stability of the extended overhang.

You will need to remove the roof shingles and sheathing from the lower part of the rafters if there is not enough room to work within the attic to extend the rafters after removing the fascia.

how to extend a roof overhang

2. Rafter Extensions

Second, you will need to provide plenty of underlying support for your roof if you want to extend the overhang. Raising the rafters is the best way to accomplish this.

If you intend on adding a roof overhang, ensure that the rafter tail extensions are about three times as long as the overhang. In addition, you need to use lumber of the same size as the rafters in your home.

3. Installing soffits and fascia

After securing your rafter extensions, you will need to add the overhang. Installing a horizontal soffit between the exterior wall and the fascia that spans the underside of the overhang will result in an enclosed eave. That way, you can cover the part beneath the overhang.

4. New Overhang Roofing

Following by framing the overhang, apply plywood sheathing to the rafter extensions and any other sections where you removed sheathing.

5. Replace the old roof’s underlayment and shingles

As a solution, you should remove the old roof’s underlayment and shingles and replace them with a brand-new roof. However, if you are short on money or time, you will have to match the existing shingles with the new ones you use for the overhang.

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6. Final Installations

As a final step on to extend a roof overhang, you need to put a metal drip edge on the new overhang before installing it. Afterward, you can lay shingles along the lower edge.

Continue laying shingles until you reach the existing shingles. Slide the final row of new shingles under the tabs of the old shingle.

How to Extend a Flat Roof Overhang

Similarly, flat roofs can benefit from roof extensions by extending just the overhang. Having a flat roof allows for large sheltered areas on the ground to be created, such as a patio or deck.

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The following are the steps for extending a flat roof overhang:

  1. First, ensure the flat roof has a slope or ‘fall’ to disperse water. Water will accumulate in puddles causing premature deterioration if you get it wrong.
  2. The next step is to attach the deck to the top of the skeleton.
  3. Then, add insulation to the flat roof extension
  4. Create a firm base by laying the board over the insulation
  5. At last, apply the roof cover.


In addition to extending the overhang, it’s important to consider the overall health of your roof. Regular maintenance of your roof, including cleaning gutters and inspecting for damage, can significantly prolong its lifespan. Furthermore, when working with existing rafters, ensure that any new materials used for the extension are compatible and properly secured to avoid any structural issues.

Proper insulation and ventilation in the attic space beneath the overhang can also play a critical role in preventing moisture buildup and ensuring the longevity of your roof.

Finally, those are the steps on how to extend a roof overhang on metal and flat roofs. Consider working with a professional roofer if you have no experience with extending the roof overhang design. Therefore, you can be sure the job is done correctly and safely.

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