The Procedure of How to Build a Metal Roof Over a Deck

Having a deck in your house can make your house special. Not only can you get some spaces to unwind, but decks can also be that space where you can hang out together with your family and friends during your day off or after-work hours.

It’s pretty common to see decks without roofing, and that’s cheaper to have decks that way. If you want a more affordable option of roofing, consider having a metal roof over your deck. Here’s how to build a metal roof over a deck.

how to build a metal roof over a deck

Easy Steps on How to Build Metal Roof Over a Deck

Dealing with manual works like this one may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to build a roof over your deck, that’s cheaper to make your roofing through a DIY project. Here’s how to build a metal roof over a deck—if you wonder.

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  1. First, do your plan right

Just like other activities, that will be better to do thorough planning before building the roof. That way, your work can be more structured.

In terms of planning, what you can do is to do these:

  • Set a specific range of budget
  • Measuring how big the area that you want to cover.
  • Learning what kind of metal roofing materials that sounds perfect to your budget and needs. There are various kinds of metal roofing, several of them will be mentioned as follows:
    • Aluminum roof
    • Corrugate metal roof
    • Tin roofing
    • Metal slate roofs
    • Copper roofing
    • Metal tile roofing, etc.
  • Learning how far the slope will be. This will determine the rafters will be structured later.

  1. If you are sure about the plan, then it’s time to execute your plan you’ve planned earlier on this procedure of how to build a roof over my existing deck. Purchase your materials and tools required then have a company to help you with this and that, preferably someone with a skill of building.

  1. Then, you can go to the next step to install metal roof over deck. The procedure will be as follows:
    • First, set the notch for the beams to attach. You can put this on the house’s wall.
    • Then, put the roofing column. Plus, that’d be better to include supports for those columns. You can install the columns straight on the ground or on the decking’s floor. Alternately, you may put the column on the deck’s fences.
    • Proceed by installing the rafters. For each, put one end on the columns then continue nailing the other end on the prepared notch.
    • Add some supports to make sure that the beams installed properly.
    • Then, put on the fascia board on the lower end of your roofing as well.
    • Proceed by putting some braces on the rafters to strengthen the structure.
    • Make sure that all the rafters are been installed properly. Then, you can start putting plywood on top of the rafters. Secure it with nails.
    • Then, start attaching your metal roofing over the rafters.

And that’s it—that’s how to build a metal roof over a deck. Why would you need to pay when you can do it yourself? It’s a straightforward procedure, but you need to understand and follow the instructions slowly. If required, consider reading more references and getting a company to help you.

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