The Easy Method on How to Cover a Deck with a Roof

A deck in your house is undoubtedly a thing not everyone can have. If you are lucky enough to own a deck, that would be great if you made your patio a place to unwind from the hectic world. That said, making the area comfortable becomes truly important.

One way to achieve it is by providing a roof. In this article, you can find some insights about covering a deck with a roof—a glass roof, a hip roof, or roof construction.

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how to cover a deck with a roof

How to Cover a Deck with a Glass Roof

Glass roofing is not that new in our lives, and it can also be used for your patio or deck. Aside from its functionality, it helps you to beautify the space as well.

Wondering how to cover the deck with a glass roof? Glass-roofing your patio is easy to do, but to have it visually perfect, that’d be better to hire a professional instead of installing the roofing yourself.

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Why should you consult a professional when it comes to installing a glass roof? Well, professionals will understand what it takes to prepare safe yet beautiful roofing. That includes determining the glass type, fixing methods, brackets size, and the number of brackets for your patio.

Aside from that, you should know that several items will be required to understand how to cover a deck with a roof in this explanation.

How to Cover a Deck with a Glass Roof
  1. Guttering. This is important since guttering is the aspect answering your question about how to cover a deck from rain.
  2. Overlaps. This needs to be considered by the person installing it so that there are no gaps in the canopy.
  3. Roof pitch. Aside from guttering and overlaps, you need to think about the roof pitch as well. This surely needs to be considered with a specific reason—not only for the aesthetic.

How to Cover a Deck with a Roof Construction

If you already have roof construction, you will only need to prepare for the covering. That said, you can consider any materials that you want to have to cover your deck. Finding some deck roof ideas on the internet can help you while making the deck roof.

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For example, if you want your deck to be bright, having glass roofing is one great way to do it. But in summer, this can be very hot to chill on your patio. Therefore, you can get other materials to put onto your deck.

There are several considerations you should think about:

  • Make sure you make the deck coverings strong to hold the roof. Typically, most deck coverings will only support up to 55 lbs. per square foot, while adding roofs require you to provide at least 80 lbs. per square foot.
  • Choose the perfect type of deck coverings, including the size and materials. You may add a roof extension and then pick the roof to put.

How to Cover a Deck with a Hip Roof

If you prefer your deck to have a hip roof, then you should prepare the rafters first. Planning for a hip roof can be hard to tackle. Hence we recommend you hire a professional if you are not a DIY lover and want to have the result neat.

After making the rafters, what you should do next is to put some underlayment on them. Then, you may put shingles on top of the underlayment, and your hip roof is done.

The process of making a hip roof for your patio or deck is the same as making any roof for any buildings. The important thing is to make the rafters right. Starting there, that’d be easy to make the rest.

So, that’ the information about how to cover a deck with a roof. Each material will require a similar approach—but mere superficial knowledge about this topic won’t help you make the perfect roofing. Hence, consider taking help from a professional to cover your deck with a roof.

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