What Does Re-Roofing Mean ? Understanding Re-Roofing

What does re-roofing mean? This is the term used a lot when someone is renovating their house or remodeling their house. The roof is such an important part of the house that it cannot be ignored that easily.

This is why doing something to rejuvenate the roof is considered essentials. For those who want to understand more about the re-roofing process, the information is here.

What does Re-Roofing Mean?

Let’s begin with the re-roofing ground information. Basically, everyone should understand this because most people have no clue about how long does a roof lasts. They think that the roof lasts forever.

What Does Re-Roofing Mean

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Well, without proper maintenance, they won’t last for goods. This is why re-roofing is needed. Learn more about the process below.

1. Re-roofing definition

The definition of re-roofing is basically the process of layering new shingles on the roof on top of existing shingles. So, it is literally like putting a new roof above the old or existing roof. This process can be done as long as the old layer of the roof is not severely damaged and capable of holding up the new layer of shingles.

2. When to Re-Roof?

The process of re-roofing can be done when the old roof is starting to decrease in quality. When the shingles start cracking or show discolorations, you should consider re-roofing or even considering doing the entire roof replacement if the roof condition is no longer salvageable.

3. Re-Roof Considerations

What to consider before re-roofing? There are several things that you should understand about the process beforehand. The most important thing is that you need to understand that the process will cover up the entire layer of shingles on the roof with the new one. So, it will make the roof look thicker and alter the roof’s look a little bit.

Re-roofing Vs. Roof Replacement

Re-roofing is completely different from roof replacement. People often get confused, and they have no clue the differences between the two. Below is the information about what does re-roofing means and what roof replacement means so that you will know exactly the major differences between re-roofing and replacing the roof altogether.

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1. The Difference

The difference is pretty obvious. Re-roofing is done without removing the old layer of shingles on the roof. Roof replacement is basically tearing up the old layer of shingles and completely replaces them with the new one.

2. Choosing between Re-roofing or Roof Replacement

Choosing between the two is quite easy, actually. It would help if you considered what is included in the roof replacement as well as in the re-roofing. If you choose re-roofing, the roof should not be in a damaged condition.

If you force a damaged layer of the roof to hold up to a new layer of shingles, they won’t be able to do it, and the new layer of shingles will be just sliding down easily and probably causing more damage.

3. The Benefits of Each

The benefit of re-roofing is actually on the money. You do not have to buy that many shingles to cover up the surface of the roof. When you do the roof replacement, the benefit is that you can change the roof’s style and structure as well.

Now, you know the meaning of re-roofing and what it can do to make your house, especially the top part, look better. You can start considering doing the re-roofing from now on. It can bring a new look to the entire exterior part of the house. It can also make sure that the roof will be sturdy under any type of circumstances. This is why you should understand what does re-roofing means.

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