What is Composite Roofing System? Lifespan and Cost

The question of What is composite roofing? must be in your mind quite frequently when you do house renovation. One of the most important parts of building or remodeling a house is a roof.

Roofing can be done using tons of materials and composite materials, or what is known as composite roofing, becomes more and more popular these days. What are they? Find out the answers down below.

Composite Roofing System

When you ask What is composite roofing? to most housebuilders, they will certainly recommend that type of roofing for you. The full answers to everything you question about this type of roofing system will be displayed right here.

Reading them will certainly convince you to use a composite roofing system rather than the others. Here they are:

What is Composite Roofing System

1. The Definition

Composite roofing is the type of roofing system in which the shingles are made out of the mixtures of several materials. The shingles used in this system are made out of asphalt as the main material, mixed with tar paper, laminate, wood, hemp fibers, plastic, and many more.

As a result, the shingles are solid and durable. It is like a super shingle with the strength of those materials combined.

2. The Composite Roofing System Benefits

Using the best composite roof shingles can definitely bring you some benefits. The best benefit is the strength. The shingles won’t crack and peel even under extreme sun heat, heavy rain, and snow. The combination of materials works together perfectly. It keeps the shingles on the roofing system intact for a long time.

Other benefits of using the roofing system are that it is environmentally friendly and it is customizable. As shingles can be made out of combinations of materials, sometimes you can find shingles made from a mixture of recycled plastic and recycled wood, too. They are great in solving the plastic-waste problem on earth.  

As for the customized colors, it is obvious that the shingles are made in an industrial factory, and they can be designed in specific shapes, colors, and thicknesses. It makes the shingles more accessible to many houses and more flexible for builders to apply them on the roof. That is why this type of roofing system is prevalent.

3. Composite Roofing System Lifespan

A regular roofing system can last for 10-12 years with proper maintenance. After that, you will have to either fix the roof or change the entire thing. The composite roof lifespan is way longer. It can last over 30 years.

Most shingles made out of composite materials carry a warranty of 35 to 50 years. This is why using composite roofing is the best decision when you have no plan to change the roof once every decade.

4. The Cost Composite Roofing System

Composite roof tiles cost is the most affordable one. It is made out of combinations of materials so that it is basically a recycled thing with super-strength power.

The price of each shingle of this type is affordable for any house. The cost is around $7.75 to $14.50 per square foot. It is certainly affordable and way lower than regular roof shingles.

Based on the information above, you can tell that this composite roofing system can be the best one of all. It is the strongest and probably cheapest, too.

The best thing about it is that it can last longer, and you do not have to change the entire roofing system for decades. By reading the explanations up there, you will no longer wonder, What is composite roofing and you can decide the best material for the roof already.

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