What Are Composition Shingles? Get to Know the Answer

You may have heard before that there is a thing called composition shingles. What are composition shingles? If you are curious about this, you can learn about it in the following article below. Along with the definition of composition shingles, you can also learn some relevant information that will be useful for you later. So, let’s get into it.

What Are The Compositions of Shingles?

Composition shingles are roofing materials made from a composite product, including a fiberglass mat infused with minerals and asphalt. This roofing system is designed to offer durability and aesthetic appeal for residential roofing.

what are composition shingles

Unlike wood shingles and clay or slate tiles, which are made from a single material, composition shingles consist of a blend of materials, including asphalt, fiberglass, and mineral granules, offering enhanced durability and a range of aesthetic options.

Are composition shingles the same as architectural shingles? According to sources, it depends. The composition of shingles can be the same as that of architectural shingles if each material used is the same in amount as that of architectural shingles.

Let’s say you are comparing architectural shingles to 3-tab shingles. Both of them have asphalt, some minerals, as well as some adhesive made into one. Therefore, it can be said that they can be called composition roof shingles.

Despite being similar in materials, 3-tab shingles cannot be called architectural shingles. This is because architectural shingles are far thicker than their counterpart. Therefore, architectural shingles are heavier.

Types of Roof Composition

There are several types of composition roofs, each suited to different roofing needs. These include asphalt shingles—3-tab, architectural (dimensional or laminate), and luxury—offering a range of durability and aesthetic options.

  1. 3-tab shingles

The 3-tab shingles are one of the types of composition roofs. This is because the shingles are made from various materials, as mentioned earlier. Compared to the following shingles, this type of composition roof is considered the easiest to maintain. The price too is the least expensive.

  1. Architectural shingles

Compared to the shingles mentioned here, the architectural shingles can be considered the more extensive shingles compared to all the mentioned shingles. This kind of shingle also has the best quality in terms of its water resistance, corrosion resistance, and moss resistance. This one also is the best in terms of its aesthetic.

  1. Laminate shingles

Laminate shingles, often used in residential roofing, have an additional layer fused to the base, increasing their thickness and durability. These materials, including the robust fiberglass mat, make them more resilient than the common type, though they are slightly less durable than architectural shingles.

Composition Shingle Roof Life

How long do composition roofs last? Composition shingle roofs, a common type of residential roofing material, typically have a lifespan of up to 30 years, depending on the quality and type of shingles used.

However, it also depends on which kind of shingle you are using. Some composition roofs offered a warrant that their product would last for around 20-50 years. Some others may also be available to last more than 50 years.

Hence, you need to choose which one suits your needs. For example, if you want a long-lasting roof, you may need to purchase one of higher quality. Frequently, you will need to pay more if you prioritize the quality.

Now that you know what composition shingles are and their types, you may wonder what the benefits of using them are.

  1. Composition shingles have an excellent lifespan

If you want a great lifespan of a roof, you should consider getting composition roofs. As earlier explained, such a roof typically will last for 20 years—or even more.

  1. Easy to replace

Although very durable and also has high endurance, sometimes there is a time when your shingle gets damaged due to an unexpected thing. If this happens, you can replace it quickly and it is also cheaper than single-material roofing.

  1. Cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing

Despite being pricy at first, the endurance should justify the price. Besides it being cost-effective, the looks of these shingles are also nice.

That sums up those are the explanation of what are composition shingles, as well as the types and benefits of composition shingles. I hope this article helps you to decide on using composition shingles as your roofing.

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