What’s The Difference Between a Sunroof and Moonroof on the Home’s Roof?

Home roofing is one of the important parts having an important function for residences. The roof can protect different people at home from protecting some things like rain and sun. Every house has a roofing design. Moonroof and sunroof are examples of home roofing designs. What’s the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof to know? 

The Difference between Sunroof and Moonroof

What is the sunroof? What is meant by a moonroof? Let’s discuss it. You can reveal some things about both roofs for home improvement. 


The first type of roof for a home is the sunroof. It is like its name in which it is transferring sunshine. It is made of aluminum materials covered with a powder-coat finish.

The roofing construction protects and controls air circulation. A sunshine intensity or rainwater absorbs in a room. The roof can be opened and closed up to 90 degrees in three ways.

It is pulled manually with the rope connected to the turning wheel. The second way is using a motorized system using a remote control with a winder system. This glass roofing model is a glass roof if it is opened, enabling it to make a particular angle or go up to the roof. The glass can be managed for going up so that the wind can blow through the sunroof. 


After you know the sunroof, it is time to recognize a moonroof. It is a second choice of the roofing type. What’s the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? A moonroof is not fairly different from a sunroof for home improvement.

The difference is only the purpose of installing this roof. It is aimed at catching the moonlight. It is installed as a holder to pull the moonroof. The roof is made of glass so that you can see the moonlight from inside of the house. The glass is sometimes risky broken, so you must be careful to install it. 

After you know the differences between sunroof and moonroof, it is time to look at the different roofing types’ different features. 

· Designs 

The first feature of those roofs is their design. The designs are fairly different. A sunroof tends to have a smaller roofing design than a moonroof. But, those roofs have the same size when you see them. It looks small to install at home. 

· Feature 

The next difference is the embedded features or technique when the roof is opening. A moonroof is a glass with various opening techniques. At least, there are two opening techniques such as tilt and slide out. A sunroof is a home roofing design with aluminum materials. You can open it in two ways using remote control and manual. 

Moonroof Installation 

If you want to improve your house, you may install one of those room types. Both moonroof and sunroof look suitable for a home. Both are installed to reflect light from the sun and moon. Those roofs seem to be familiar in clear roofing or made of glass.

The installation will make your house look healthy and peaceful because you will get sufficient natural light from the sun and moon. When you want to install it, you should consider the steps. Firstly, find the best choice of both moonroofs.

Then, try to consider the size of the moonroof. After that, prepare a space on the home roofing to install the moonroof. When you have it, you can start to install the moonroof. The moonroof can be installed in a family room, dining room, living room, or bedroom. It will make the home air circulation run healthily. It is changing the air at home healthier. 

Moonroof Installation Cost 

For the owner of houses, designing, and decoration, your house is an effort to keep its improvement. It makes your house look interesting and beautiful to see. Installing a moonroof is possibly conducted at home roofing in which it can reflect light from the moon, making home air healthier.

It offers an affordable installation cost so that you don’t get worried about its price and cost. You just prepare a moonroof and installer to install it at home. What’s the difference between sunroof and moonroof seems to be basic things to degrade its functions. 

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