What is a Composition Roof Made Of ?

The roof is a major component of building structure. However, not many people know how varied the types of roofing are. One of them is called a composition roof. What is a composition roof, and how does it differ from other roofing varieties? The answer to both questions can be found in the following part of this article.

What is a Composition Roof Made Of?

What is the composition roof constructed of? Here are some common materials found in this roofing type.

Wood shingles

It is a popular roofing material not only for aesthetics but also from an environmental perspective. The shingles tend to be made out of wood scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. Besides, the shingles are compostable and therefore have minimum harm to the environment.

What is Composition wood shingles

The installation and maintenance cost is rather expensive, though. It is also important to note that buying treated wood shingles is a priority.


Metal becomes increasingly popular these days for various reasons. It is an environmentally friendly roofing alternative and can last for generations. This roofing is also more energy-efficient since it keeps the house’s internal temperature lower than the outside temperature.

What is Composition metal roof

The installation cost can be rather high, though, and it requires expertise. House construction needs to support this roofing, too as to minimize noise.


This particular material is popular because of its durability and easy installation. House which employs this roofing looks magnificent and tidy, especially because tiles come in varied, interesting designs. It is recommended to choose tiles made of durable materials such as clay and fiber cement. This type of roofing can resist fire, making it ideal for installation in a crowded urban area.

Solar tiles

It is an innovative roofing material that is predicted to see an increase in utilization. The tiles are capable of transforming solar energy into house electricity. For houses with standard electric use, this roofing material can accommodate the entire electricity needs. The installation requires a high level of expertise, though. Besides, solar tiles are still sold at high price points.

Asphalt shingles

This material becomes the crowd’s favorite, particularly because of its style versatility. No matter what style a house has, this material would be the cherry on top. Another reason is that the installation does not require really high expertise. However, it will not last long in areas with extreme weather. Maintenance should also be done every so often.

What is Composition asphalt shingles

What Does Composition Roof Mean

By learning what the roof is made of, one can immediately get the composition roof’s gist. This roof is composed of several different materials.

Materials chosen to construct the roof are there on purpose, though, instead of being carelessly picked. Of course, there are several benefits and drawbacks of utilizing this roof in a housing structure.

The advantages of using the roof :

  • The homeowner can add lighter material to the composition.
  • It is a way to save money because homeowners can mix expensive materials with cheaper ones to get the best of both worlds.
  • Adding a touch of eccentricity by combining several different colors and textures to the composition.
  • Simpler repairing process, especially because the homeowner does not need to resource rare materials to replace the broken parts.

What does composition roof have a disadvantage at? There are several points to be made here.

  • It cannot be planned alone because this roofing consists of different materials with varying characteristics, and thus the composition should not be constructed carelessly.
  • Despite being relatively affordable to install and repair, a homeowner needs to care for the roofing if any defect occurs constantly.
  • This roofing is not recommended for a house located in an area with extreme climate because of different material characteristics, which may not react the same way under extreme weather.
  • If the wood is incorporated into the structure, the roof becomes susceptible to fire as wood is a flammable material.

What is Composition Roof Type

Here are some types of composition roofs that people often find in houses and other types of buildings.

  • Premium composition; it consists of high-quality materials and noticeably heavier than a regular composition roof. It is more expensive yet at the same time more durable.
  • Three tabs composition; it consists of three vertical sections and thus received its name. It is considered a starter level of roofing because of its low price and short lifespan.
  • Architectural composition; this has characteristics of premium and three tabs roofs and, therefore, a popular choice.

Composition Roof Lifespan

Many people are apprehensive about installing this roofing because of its potential durability (which is not that promising). What is composition roof lifespan? The answer depends on what kind of materials picked to compose the roof. If you are using durable materials, then the lifespan would extend.

Composition Roof Lifespan

It is also important to note that the location of the house will affect durability greatly. Extreme weather conditions may cause the roofing to wear down rather quickly.

Hopefully, this passage helps you understand what a composition roof is and how one can make the most out of it. With appropriate planning, the roof would be a great addition to the house instead of a burden. The homeowner needs to hire someone with a high level of expertise to do this difficult task.

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