Can You Shingle Over Shingles to Cut the Renovation Budget?

It is not a new thing for homeowners to wonder whether you can shingle over shingles. It is common since replacing the roof entirely can be quite costly for most people. Therefore, the only viable choice is to add a new roof layer instead of replacing the old one. Nevertheless, before doing it for your dwelling, there are things to understand concerning this matter.

Can You Shingle Over Shingles?

Anyone who wants a straight and simple answer to that question will always get a yes. So, it is possible to do the so-called re-roofing with the existing single roof remaining intact. Nevertheless, it may not be the most recommended option for some homeowners. More importantly, it requires certain conditions on the initial roof surface to get a new addition of roof shingles.

can you shingle over shingles

Furthermore, it is necessary to understand that in most places, there is a limit on the number of roof layers in a property. For example, in most states of the US, the rule states that two layers of roof shingles are the maximum number to have. Nevertheless, many buildings have more than two roof layers these days. So, it is a matter of personal considerations and a decision whether to do it or not.

Problems with Two Layers of Shingles

Although the answer to the question can you shingle over shingles is a yes, it is important to notice the underlying issues. One of the problems is the lifespan of the new layer. Believe it or not, adding an extra layer of shingles will have a 40% reduction in its lifespan. Therefore, it is fundamental to consider thoroughly before deciding whether to do this.

Another potential issue with the second roof shingles layer is the deck condition

The roof deck is the foundation for the entire roofing system itself. By adding a new layer of a roof over the existing one, it is impossible to observe the condition of the deck. Thus, any issue on the deck will remain there without any chance to repair appropriately until a complete replacement of the roof itself.

There is also the weight issue to consider on this matter

The second layer of shingles undoubtedly adds weight to the roof. It eventually affects the overall structure of the roof and the building itself. Therefore, it is not the best option for homeowners with older houses. In addition, the heavier weight of the roof may lead to potential risks of a disaster waiting to happen in the future.

The next thing to consider as one of the potential problems with re-roofing is trickier maintenance

It is best not to focus only on whether you can shingle over shingles. It is best to also think about the tricky maintenance for the roof itself. With two roof layers, it will be difficult to track the origin of any issue regarding the roof.

Furthermore, the roof’s overall appearance may not be as good as a complete replacement procedure. Therefore, the current layer must be in perfect condition for the second layer to look nice. Otherwise, the roof will not have a smooth and even surface. All in all, it requires several things to consider before deciding on this particular matter.

The Verdict

Although it is possible to add a second, third, or even fourth layer of roof shingles to your house, it may not be the best option for some homeowners. It is better for the contractor when deciding to do something with your existing roof. Nevertheless, the simple answer is yes for those who wonder, can you shingle over shingles?

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