How to Add a Porch Roof to an Existing Roof in 5 Different Ways

A porch is a perfect spot for relaxing outdoors with family and friends. But sunlight and rain can disrupt this peaceful setting. Installing a porch roof solves this problem. It shields you from the elements and enhances your home’s appearance.

Let’s explore the best ways to add a porch to your existing roof.

5 Popular Ways How to Add a Porch Roof to An Existing Roof

How to Add A Porch Roof to An Existing Roof

1. Install the backchannel directly to the fascia boards

Attaching the backchannel directly to the fascia boards is a popular method. To do this, you must reinforce the fascia boards and the backchannel. Also, strengthen the rafters in the roof.

This method is fairly straightforward but doesn’t allow for adjusting the roof’s height.

2. Add riser brackets to add more height

With riser brackets, you can add height to your porch roof. A customized barge cover is essential if you wish to increase the height of your porch roofing.

Besides the ceiling rising to approximately 2 feet, the barge cover will also provide various choices for the serene ambience and the finish. If you want some natural light, opaque twin-wall sheeting is ideal.

3. Make the roof of your porch a little higher

When attaching a roof to an existing roof in your porch area, you may run out of the idea of installing the roof in the easiest possible way. This method is almost the same as the first technique above.

However, if you wish to make your porch cover a bit higher, you must remove your house’s gutter and set the roofing back channel of the house a little higher.  After you remove the gutter, add a flashing from your house’s roof to the porch. It is to increase the height by more than 100 millimeters.

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4. Add more height by removing the gutter, fascia, and eaves

Remove the fascia boards, gutter, and eaves to raise your porch roof by nearly 500 millimeters. Next, trim the rafters to align with the wall.

Attach the backchannel to the rafter and reinforce for a polished finish. Adding flashings can further enhance the appearance.

5. Sleek and clean look

Adding more height, removing the gutter, fascia boards, and eaves, and cutting back the rafters will create a sleek and clean look for your porch roof. You will first need to install some CHS columns over the wall and attach the top to the rafters’ porch before reinforcing it.

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You will also need a box gutter installed on your house and a customized barge cover on the existing roof. This is to make sure that everything is waterproof.

But before you add a Porch Roof to an existing roof, you also have to consider these points:

Supporting Post

It’s crucial to ensure that the supporting posts for your porch roof are adequately sized and positioned to provide sufficient structural support.

Local Building Codes

Always consult your local building codes to ensure your porch roof addition complies with regional safety and construction standards.

Building Permits:

Before starting your project, check if you need any building permits as per your local regulations to avoid any legal complications.

Those are the methods commonly used to add a porch roof to an existing roof. Each of the techniques has its pros and cons. However, as long as everything is installed appropriately, it’s not impossible to get a porch cover that will well complement your house.

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