Easy Steps of How to Attach a Pergola to a Roof

A pergola isn’t a must for your house. However, when you have it, that would make your home more astonishing. Plus, you will get more spaces to chill out. Your patio will also be more beautiful with a pergola.

Since these days you can have a kit directly installed on your roof, what’s left to learn is how to attach a pergola to a roof. Find out the answer in this article below.

How to Attach a Pergola Just Below the Roof Line of House

Attaching a pergola can be done in several ways: you can have it installed over the roofline, on the roofline, and below the roofline. In case you wonder how to install the pergola below the roofline, you should consider taking a 4-post pergola kit to put the pergola. That said, it isn’t easy to attach it directly to the roof.

Hence, if you want it to directly attach pergola to a roof (but below the roofline), that will be pretty impossible. Pergola kits are primarily used to have it stuck on the roofline or over the roofline.

How to Attach a Pergola to a Roof

Even so, if you want to make a pergola roof below your roofline, here’s what you can do:

  1. First, determine the size of your pergola. Measure it first, then purchase the kit or purchase the required timbers (including the posts and beams). Don’t forget to purchase the screws and nails to secure the timbers later. Tips: typically, you will not need to purchase such screws and nails if you purchase a kit instead of the timber.
  2. Then, attach the posts. First, attach the posts placed near your house wall first. Then, following it, place the pergola universal bracket to support the two horizontal headers you will need to support the other vertical beams.
  3. Then, once the posts and headers are all installed, the next procedure you should know in this step of how to attach a pergola to a roof is how to attach the vertical beams.
  4. Once you’re there, consider putting a corrugated plastic sheet to avoid your pergola getting wet from the downpour. You may add some kinds of horizontal beams to get your corrugated plastic sheet sticks better.
  5. Additionally, you can paint the timbers to make your pergola looks better.

Attach Pergola to Shingle Roof

If you want to add a pergola to your house without using four posts—meaning that you attach the pergola directly to the roof—you need to do this procedure below:

  1. Do a measurement and mark where you want to want to put the headers’ risers on the roof. Typically, you need to put 2 risers. So, when you’ve got the right position for the risers, detach the shingles around the area. Make a hole using a saw and screw the risers to the roof.
  2. Make sure you finish it by sealing the hole using a waterproof seal.
  3. Once you set the risers, you can proceed to put the saddle to support the header on the roof side.
  4. Prepare the other posts and header, then start putting your beams on the headers.

That’s the procedure of how to attach a pergola to a roof. Are you ready to make an addition to your house? It’s not that difficult to do it yourself. Just stick to the procedure, and you’re there!

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