3 Essential Things to Know about Painting a Metal Roof

Can you paint a metal roof? Painting the walls and the wooden gate is something common to beautify the exterior. However, it seems to be a little bit difficult to paint your roof. Moreover, it is when the roof is made of metal.

Even though it takes more effort, painting the roof sounds useless. Only after a few months can it simply be washed away because of the weather.

Can you paint a metal roof
Can you paint a metal roof?

Sure, the paint on your metal roof can be more durable as long as you know how to paint it well. Besides, using the right product is also needed to ensure that it will not be peeled off. So, do you want to know more about the metal roof painting? Here are the explanations.

Best Paint for Corrugated Metal Roof

Although it is only about painting a single item at home, there are some plans to do. One of them is choosing the best paint for the corrugated metal roof. Sure, it means you must buy a product that is indeed produced for this necessity. Therefore, there will not be any problems like the paint is difficult to attach, or the result is terrible.

Corrugated Metal Roof
Corrugated Metal Roof

Some brands are known to release products for the corrugated metal roof. Each of them even gives you many series to choose from. What are they? Well, you can mention them. They are including Rubber seal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing and Protective Coating, Henry Roof Coating, Liquid Rubber Color Waterproof Sealant White, Kool Seal Elastomeric Roof Coating, and more.

Best Paint for Corrugated Metal Roof
Best Paint for Corrugated Metal Roof

Which is the best one among them? It depends on your experience for sure. Everybody can give different reviews about this. But based on the ratings in some e-commerce platforms, the product from Rubber seal is considered the best. It is in terms of color options, durability, and others. It doesn’t mean that other brands cannot work well. It is just about a small survey of which brand that satisfies customers the most.

Painting a Metal Roof Cost to Spend

After finding the best paint to coat your metal roof, the next thing to do is estimating the cost. This way, you can predict how much money to spend. Of course, it depends on the width of your roof. The wider it is, it means that the cost will be higher. It is by considering the amount of paint to use and the cost for the workers.

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Averagely, the cost to paint metal roofing is as follows. If you need to paint around a 2,500 square foot roof, the cost is starting from $6,000 to $9,000. It has included all items as well as paying the workers. If you calculate it, per square foot to paint the roof is about $2.50 – $3.50.

What makes the range can be quite big regarding the cost mentioned above. The higher estimation of the cost refers to if you want the best paint products. Besides, it is also related to the salary of professional labor this time. Of course, you can still get many home renovation companies that offer a lower cost than that. It depends on your trick to make more effective spending.

How to Paint a Rusty Metal Roof Properly

It is said at the beginning that the roof is more difficult to be painted than other parts of your house. Well, that’s why; more efforts will need to do. You must clean the surface first from the dirt and dust using a rag and brush for the new-installed roof.

Use thinner for metal roofs to get rid of oily substances. On the other hand, for the old roof, there are extra actions to clean it. It is including removing moss and fungi with a special liquid using a brush. Rinse it with clean water and let it dry.

Paint a Rusty Metal Roof
Paint a Rusty Metal Roof

After making sure that it is clean, prepare the base of paint made for the metal roof. Dilute it before starting to smear it on the roof using the paintbrush. Make sure you have been professional enough to paint it well. For the dilution, the composition of the base and water is 70%:30%.

Prepare the paint for the second layer. This is the main painting with a certain color. After the base has been dry, smear this paint. Wait for some hours until dry, and you can see the results. Of course, you should not do this activity during the rainy or snowy season.

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