How to Get Shingles on Roof in Three Different Methods

Roofing projects, such as repairing or replacing one, is a task that is meant to be handled by a professional handyman. Most jobs involving roofs are best to be left to a roofing company.

However, you may find that some parts of the projects are attainable by yourself and may be able to save you some money if you are confident in managing it yourself, such as hoisting the roof shingles to the roof area. The list below provides you with three alternatives on how to get shingles on roof.

How to Get Shingles on Roof

Manual Carrying

The first method is the most economical on this list, but it is the most physically strenuous. To hoist the roof manually is by carrying them by hand. It may not be a problem for small and lighter materials like nails, but it can turn into a major chore when it comes to roof shingles.

how to get shingles on roof

A stack of roof shingles is heavy. To perform this, you can sling a stack of them over the shoulder then climb an extension ladder carefully onto the roof, but it can burden your shoulder. If you still want to try this method, then look for shoulder-mounted sling bags sold in hardware stores that are designed to even out a load of the weight of roof shingles.

Another way is to carry a smaller shingle stack. It makes much more sense to take more trips from the ground to the roof several times to lessen the heavy load each time because it possesses a smaller chance of hurting yourself by transporting everything together.

Winch Elevating Platform

The next method on how to get shingles on a roof is by using a winch-operated platform. You may recognize this tool if you have seen roofing project operations by companies from up-close. It is available at most stores of machinery supply and helps immensely in lessening the physical work required to hoist heavy materials to the roof.

The machinery involves a winch motor that supports the platform to move the extension ladder. It can be set up quickly. The platform uses heavy rope wrapped around the ladder to move up and down through pulleys.

Most models can hoist hundreds of pounds of materials at once, so it is ideal if you need to lift plenty of stacks of roof shingles compared to the manual method.

Conveyor System

Last but not least method on how to get shingles on roof is by using conveyor system, although it is more common to be utilized by professional roofers. This system involves a conveyer belt set on a platform that extends from a truck to the roof area.

how to get shingles on roof with conveyor

An individual locates and loads the shingles to the belt, and another individual stands on the roof to unload the materials transferred by the belt.

Conveyor system requires complicated machinery set up on the truck already, so it is less common to apply DIY roofers.

If you have determined to handle a roofing task by yourself, including one of the methods on how to get shingles on roof above, you have to remember to prioritize safety. Always follow the standard safety protocols and use safety equipment as recommended.

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