Composition Shingles vs Architectural Shingles: What is the Difference?

What is the difference between composition shingles vs architectural shingles? In fact, there are several differences that you can get to differentiate between these two shingles. The difference will include the physical compositions, win rating, lifespan, aesthetics, and cost. If you are curious about this, you can read this article to know about it.

Are Architectural Shingles Worth Extra Cost?

Both composition shingles and architectural shingles are widely used in making roofs. However, there is a substantial difference between these two regarding costs.

According to sources, architectural shingles typically cost more in comparison of composition shingles. However, these shingles can offer a long-time warranty which can go more than 50 years. Even some architectural shingles provide lifetime warranty.

composition shingles vs architectural shingles

Composition shingles, by the way, cost cheaper. However, the promised warranty isn’t as long as architectural shingles. This type of shingles, in general only has 25-30 years of warranty. It’s still a long time, but it’s significant compared to its counterpart.

  1. The lifespan

The shingles’ warranty doesn’t represent how long you can keep the shingles in use. Composition shingles, for example, typically will last only for 7-10 years only. This can also be lower when the shingles are exposed to snow, rain, strong winds, and excessive heat.

Compared to that shingle’s lifespan, architectural shingles are more weatherproof. This is thanks to its high-quality composition and the high-durability material it uses. Hence, even if snow, rain, wind, and heat attack the shingle, your architectural shingle can withstand it for more than 18-20 years.

  1. Wind ratings

The next aspect of composition shingles vs. architectural shingles is its wind ratings. As mentioned, the wind rating of both shingles is one indicator that differentiates them. The wind rating of composite asphalt shingles is 60 mph. However, the different product speaks different wind ratings, and it can be much lower.

In contrast, your architectural shingles’ wind ratings are between 80 mph and 120 mph. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This amazing feature is supported by the thick material it uses to make the shingles. This is also why architectural shingles tend to be more wind-proof.

  1. The Aesthetics

Aside from the lifespan and the wind ratings, the aesthetics of both shingles are different. Composition shingles are flat, while the architectural shingles are dimensional. This means this type of shingles offers a dimensional look given that there are multiple layers that are adhered to the base.

Although sources mentioned that the look of architectural shingles tends to be more favorable, there are people who do not prefer the look. Some of them prefer the neat looks of composition shingles, despite the drawbacks mentioned earlier.

  1. The composition

Both types of shingles use asphalt and adhesives to make. However, how much asphalt they use is different from one another.

The primary difference is the amount of asphalt used in making the product. Sources mentioned that architectural shingles use more asphalt. This results in more weight owned by the architectural shingles, and the base is way thicker than the counterpart.

In addition, architectural shingles are said to have a better quality of adhesives. So, not only is the asphalt better in amount and quality, the adhesive is too better compared to the composite one.

So, are architectural shingles worth the extra cost? Well, to decide on its advantages, it’s way easier to fix your choice on this type of shingle. However, if you choose your product budget-wise, then picking composite shingles is still a good score to consider.

Are Architectural Shingles Better?

Summing it all up, architectural shingles are better for many aspects it has. The aspects will include the material used, the lifespan, the warranty offered, the aesthetics, and the wind ratings.

However, the cost of composition shingles vs architectural shingles is one thing that makes composition shingles better than the other. Architectural shingles are also heavier given the thicker materials used. So, which one will you choose?

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