How to Walk on Roof Tiles Safely without Damaging Them

Most roof tiles these days are made from clay and concrete materials which have many good qualities. They have long durability, environmentally friendly, as well as having high resistance to storms and fire.

The tiles are designed to be strong, but still, they are not made to be stepped on. However, sometimes you may meet some circumstances that require you to get up on the roof. In case you meet with such a situation, you’ll need to know how to walk on roof tiles safely without causing damage to them.

Learn how to navigate through the roof tiles safely below and several tips to take care of them.

How to Clean Tile Roof

Before you learn how to walk on roof tiles, it is better to know how to clean them first because they need to be cleaned up once or twice in the span of several years. So you might as well use the chance to get the roof tiles washed while getting up here.

How to Clean Tile Roof

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Remember to prioritize safety first: prepare personal protective and safety equipment such as non-slip boots, protective gloves, safety harness, etc.
  2. Check the water tank and gutter system: disconnect the gutter system from the water tank if you used it because there might be many chemicals involved during the cleaning process.
  3. Get rid of moss and algae: there is a chance for moss and algae to build up and cover most of the roof tiles area. You can roof scraper and anti-moss spray to remove them.
  4. Finally, clean the tiles using water: you may use high-pressure water, but it is always better to use gentle brushes and water hoses to wash the roof.

How to Walk on Tile Roof

After the area is all cleaned up, it is time to get the hang of how to walk on roof tiles. Keep a note to wait until the washed roof tiles are dry, so you don’t have to walk on a wet surface.

How to Walk on Roof Tiles

Follow these following steps to do so:

  1. Carefully choose to step on the overlapped tiles because they would be stronger and less likely to break.
  2. Set your foot, so it arches according to the tiles’ curve on each of them.
  3. Keep your weight balanced and evenly divided between your both feet and stark to walk slowly.
  4. Try minimizing the pressure of your body by keeping your feet step on separated tiles.
  5. Walk on between the tile sections, on the uncovered valley area. In case the layer underneath the roof tiles is exposed, you can walk on it to avoid stepping the tile.

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How to Protect Roof When Walking on It

Learning ‘how to protect roof when walking on it’ is all about understanding your type of roof and inspecting its condition first. You can only learn how to walk on a roof without damaging the shingles if you knew about your roof shingles’ level of fragility.

Below are several tips to protect different types of shingles:

  1. Cupped roof shingles: avoid walking on it in cold weather. Step by tip-going on the cupped part and avoid the raised curled part, or else you’d break the corner, which can result in a requirement for re-roofing.
  2. Cracked roof shingles: depending on the fragility and crack causes. For example, if the cracking reason is thermal splitting, walking on the tiles isn’t likely to cause further damage.
  3. Curled roof shingles: do not walk on them during cold weather. Step on the flat part by tip-toeing. Inspect the fragility. If the shingles are brittles, then stepping on them during warm weather must be avoided too.

How to Walk on a Clay Tile Roof

If you haven’t known already, clay roof tiles are very fragile compared to other types of roofing materials. They can break easily, especially if the roof tiles haven’t been backfilled.

How to Walk on a Clay Tile Roof

The basic guide to walk on a clay tile roof is similar to a guide on how to walk on roof tiles, but you need to add extra carefulness. Here are the applicable steps to prevent and minimize damage to clay roofing materials.

  1. Wear anti-slippery shoes because clay tiles are infamous for being slippy.
  2. Steps where the roof tiles are overlapped with each other.
  3. Let your foot aligns with the clay tiles’ curve.
  4. Place the arch of your foot on the curve’s highest point and your toes in the groove in-betweens.
  5. Avoid putting your weight on one point; instead, distribute it by placing each foot on different tiles.

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Walking on a roof tile is a hazardous task, both for you and the tiles. If you find yourself in the circumstances with no other choice, you may use the guides above.

Otherwise, it is still advised to ask for professional help who knows how to safely walk on roof tiles and has the required knowledge and equipment.

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