How to Install a Metal Roof over Shingles Furring Strips

There are several reasons why many people choose metal roofing materials. The most obvious reason is that the metal is much more durable and relatively inexpensive than wood shingles.

metal roof over shingles furring strips

Usually, metal roofs are placed over furring strips for air circulation and to prevent rot. However, can you put a metal roof over shingles furring strips?

Installing Metal Roof over Shingles Furring Strips

For many contractors, placing metal roofs on existing shingles furring strips is ideal for helping the building owners maximize their roof’s durability and save on roof tearing costs. Roof furring strips might be affordable roofing material, but they need to be maintained and replaced very often.

Unfortunately, shingles furring strips cannot be recycled, and waste disposal businesses usually charge a considerable fee to accept damaged shingles since this kind of business receives uncountable shingles.

The ideal solution for that issue is installing a new metal roof over the old shingles.

Not only to tear off the costs, but you will also get metal roofing that can last more than 50 years without difficult maintenance.

If you plan to install a metal roof over shingles furring strips, there are several things you need to take into account. But first, here are the two precautions about the previous shingles:

  • Find any sign that indicates the previous shingles weighing too much. Usually, the signs include rotting decks and bending tresses.
  • Look out if there is any roof leak, and fix it. Also, replace rotten sheeting.

Before installing new metal roofing on the previous shingles, you also need to acknowledge:

  1. Specs and guarantee

Make sure to purchase the best quality metal roof, follow the manufacturer’s specs, and install it appropriately. Consider calling professionals if you don’t know-how. Then, after around five years, you can pitch the guarantee.

  1. Fastener

If you install the metal roof over shingles furring strips on your own, you should apply the screws in the steel to create space so that it will give a stunning view from the ground. Also, try to avoid using nails. It’s because screws work way better than nails.

Add spaces around 24 to 30 inches when you apply the screws. Also, make sure to skip any other rip to reduce unnecessary holes in the roof.  

  1. Trim

Trim is the most significant aspect regarding the look of your brand new metal roof. Every corner of the roof has to be wrapped to boost the look and make the roof withstand harsh weather conditions.

Even if your roof doesn’t have gutters, you can install ice guards over your metal roof. If you trim the roof on your own, make sure there is someone on the ground and ask them to look up how the trim is.

  1. Safety first

Before installing the new metal roof, make sure you wear gloves. It’s the easiest way you can prevent cuts on your hands. Apart from that, do not ever go up to the roof when the wind is too strong.

If you think you are incapable of installing the metal roof over shingles furring strips yourself, consider calling a specialist to install it for you.

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