Parts of a Roof System: Its Definitions and Functions

If you are currently working on your unfinished roof, you should know parts of a roof system. Otherwise, that would be hard to work with details, especially when you are working your roof with someone or planning to help a professional. This article will learn the definition of roof part and what function it brings.

Parts of a Metal Roof System

If you are not familiar with a metal roofing system, then you can find the definition of each part in this description below:

parts of a roof system

  1. The metal panels

This is definitely the most obvious part of a metal roof and also takes up the most space on the roof. To be simply described, panels are pieces of metal sheets/coils that have been shaped as you desire. These coils/sheets will be ready to be placed on your roof.

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  1. Underlayment

Underlayment is described as the layering material placed underneath the metal panels.

  1. Clips and fasteners

Fasteners can be described as any material used to secure various parts of your metal roof. This will include nails, bolts, screws, cleats, clips.

On the other side, clips can be defined as a metallic component that is fastened to the building substrate and securing two metals altogether.

  1. Sealant

Just as its name, the sealant is a component that helps you to seal your roof from moisture and any other factors, such as wind, water, as well as dirt from entering your roof. By doing so, your roof is hopefully secured from the damage of these weather factors.

  1. Trim

Trims can be described as a component to help your roof looks aesthetic. This component also gives your roof a more finished look.

  1. Closures

Closures can be described simply as an element that helps your roof from any small animals while at the same time keeping your home to be properly aerated.

Parts of a Flat Roof System

Then what parts of a roof system can we find in a flat roof? The parts of the roof and their functions will be described below.

  1. Plasterboard Ceiling

This part of a flat roof is the part that is visible from the interior part of the house. This part of a flat roof helps the upper parts of the roof, like decking and insulation isn’t visible from beneath.

This part also comes with vents that help the roof out from moisture caused by condensation.

Parts of a Flat Roof System

  1. Decking

Decking means the skeletal part of a roof. Typically, the decking is made from wooden beams. All of these beams will later be attached altogether to make a roof form.

  1. Waterproof cover and layer

To help the roof be freed from water ‘attack’, a flat roof is typically equipped with a waterproof sheet. This kind of layering is designed to help the house flee from any leaks, which is mainly caused by the meltdown of snow and some rain. This part can be considered similar to shingles, but the form is different and where it is placed is also different.

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  1. Insulation and the barrier of vapor

Just as its name suggests, vapor barriers and insulation play as roofing elements that keep your roof dry and stay warm during the coldest months, keeping the roof cool on warmest months.

So, those are the parts of a roof system in a metal roof and the parts of a flat roof. You can see more parts in a metal roof than that in a flat roof.

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