The What and the Why of Silver Roof Coating

You folks must have heard of a recommendation that tells you how silver roof coating is the best kind of coating you can get. Some blokes, especially those who do not understand the intricacies of choosing what kind of coating you should get for your house, will outright believe that and get themselves a handful of the silver-colored coating.

The other half of the blokes would be asking why people recommend that and whether it would be better to coat your roof with silver coating or other types of coating.

No matter which part of the group you are in, this article will help you find out what silver coating is and why it is such a popular recommendation among housebuilders. Without wasting any more of your time and ours, we would quickly like to begin with a general know-how of what silver coating actually is.

silver roof coating
Silver roof coating

What is silver coating actually is

Contrary to what the name implies, the silver coating is not exactly a coating made entirely out of silver. If it is, it would be costly, and it will probably not hold against many things as pure silver is not known to be very strong.

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To get a clearer look at what silver coating is actually is, perhaps you should know what a silver coating bucket is made of. A bucket of silver coating you got from the store is usually made of aluminum flakes mixed with an asphalt-based solvent.

As you might have noticed, aluminum is silver, and when it is solved within something, the solvent will take the color silver. The naming convention comes from the color, not the metal, so if you think you are getting fancy after applying silver coating on top of your roof, you will be disappointed because your silver coating is nothing but a glorified asphalt.

Some folks think that there is no difference between silver coating and other coatings, such as mineral or ceramic coating, and those folks are right. Both of them share the same purpose of preventing ultraviolet rays from getting under your house.

Now that you understand a tad about silver coating, you might want to know what makes it a preferable option instead of other coatings

As we have mentioned before, the reflective nature of silver coating helps deflect the sunlight. Less sunlight means less ultraviolet, and less ultraviolet means a lowered chance of cancer and a higher chance of you seeing future cancer and heat-free.

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If you did not notice, the sun could get a bit hot as well. Though we need that heat if we want to survive in the world, such heat can ruin many things, including a paint job.

While you cannot truly protect your roof from the damaging effects of the sun, the reflective nature of silver coating can help you prolong your roof’s life.

You do not believe us? You might want to check out aluminum roof coating reviews and/or try the coating independently.

Silver roof coating vs. white roof coating

White or silver? That is the question that people have been asking for determining the right color for their roof.

silver roof coating vs white
Silver roof coating vs. white

To that question, our answer is silver. Both colors do a darned good job in preventing heat from entering your house, but silver reflects light better than white could ever do.

While it might be cheaper to paint your roof white, there is nothing wrong with investing a bit of money for a bucket of silver roof coating as it will bring you many benefits in the long run.

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