What is the Best Elastomeric Roof Coating for Flat Roof?

If you have a flat roofing, you may feel the need for the best coating since this type of roof is prone to ponding water. Some of you may have been recommended an elastomeric roof coating and decided to choose the best elastomeric roof coating for flat roof.

However, you may end up having nothing you can choose since it is difficult to determine which one is the best. Find out below the coating which is recommended by many.

Roof Coating for Flat Roofs

As mentioned earlier, flat roofs are more prone to standing water. This will result in bad conditions for the roof itself. The standing roof will able to make the roof’s quality gradually ruined. Therefore, you need to add the best coating for a flat roof.

best elastomeric roof coating for flat roof

So far, there are several materials that are recommended if you want to add coatings for a flat roof. These flat roof coating options will include:

  • Asphalt. It is not your common asphalt to cover the road. For roof coating, the asphalt you are choosing will be added with a kind of solvent as well as aluminum pigments. Typically, the addition is done to improve the asphalt’s reflectivity.
  • Polyurea. This one is pretty new to the market, and that’s why you cannot find many products with this as its main material.
  • SPF. The SPF is often coming as spray foam. Although this one is considered an insulating system, the SPF is worth trying since it can help you in covering the flat roof.
  • Urethanes. This one can be seen on a concrete surface. One of the best examples you can get an example as the use of this coating is on the parking decks. Although not that common to be used as a roofing product, you can see this sometimes used as a coating for flat roofs.
  • Acrylic elastomers. This kind of roof coating is considered a new-generation coating that has a reflective surface. Therefore, it gets more and more users these days. This kind of coating works in both bituminous roofing and non-bituminous ones.

The Best Elastomeric Roof Coating for Flat Roof

What is elastomeric roof coating? This kind of coating is a type of coating that can be added to a surface by applying a certain liquid. This kind of coating is typically made from acrylic or silicone. Interestingly, when the coating is dry, the coating will turn to be a highly elastic membrane. All said this would suit to handle a wide range of weatherly threats.

So, what is the best elastomeric roof coating for a flat roof? You can check on these products and try them out:

  1. APOC 247 Sun-Shield Elastomeric Coating
  2. APOC 252 Premium Elastomeric Coating
  3. Elastek 127 Solar One Plus
  4. Elastomeric Henry 587 Roof Coating
  5. SW Paints Mastic
  6.  TRC 7000 Roof Coating Perma-Coat

Of those products, which product is considered the best one? All those products are excellent, but sources recommend the last product as the best one. This is based on their assessment of several features, including strength, elasticity, adhesion, reflectivity, as well as bleed-through. Moreover, this coating provides a 15-year warranty. Sounds great?

Elastomeric Roof Coating VS Silicone

When talking about elastomeric, then you should know that there are two types of roof coating that are widely used. The first type is acrylic-based, and the second one is silicone-based.

The biggest perk of having a silicone-based elastomeric coating stands in its quality to withstand weather threats. Even one source mentions that the silicon-based coating can help you to coat a flat roof for decades (20 years est.).

Compared to acrylic-based coating, which is less elastic compared to silicone one, makes silicone-based coating is safe to be considered the best elastomeric roof coating for flat roofs.

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