Types of Roof Vents for Your Cozy Residence

Ventilation can be a crucial feature for keeping your health at home. You can maintain your health by concerning some types of roof vents. You need to select the best one. A healthy house is eco-friendly, but it has good air circulation.

Thus, home ventilation is determining the health of your residence. These are some types of roof vents for your residence. You may imitate it to build at home. 

Roof Ventilation Options

There are some roof ventilation options to use. Here is the list of the vents. 

Window Ventilation 

A ventilation window is permanent home ventilation generally installed on the top area of main windows for houses in tropical areas. The most common mistake is using a home vent is the size and not adjusted number to the room’s width.

The minimal size of home ventilation includes 5% of the room width. For installation, you need to try Boven or maintain cross ventilating so that the air or hot air can go inside and outside the room. 

Roof Vents Windows Ventilation
Roof Vents Windows Ventilation


It is a decorative home vent. This home vent is giving a different look at home. The gap on the home ventilation is designed to show a home pattern or a particular motif. The bright engraving detail makes the lobster function to be a home decor detail.

Besides, this home ventilation is made of some materials such as wood, cement, or ceramic. Due to its uniqueness, the lobster is one of the home vents for a room border variation or home fence. 


The next types of roof vents are the jalousie home type. It is installed on the horizontal window. The home vent is assembled on the details. It has a gap in the path of light and air. The use of jalousie for home vent can control the light intensity of the house because the composting materials are absorbing and reflecting the excessive light.

Roof Vents Jalousie
Roof Vents Jalousie

With the structure, the home vent is filtering the coming dirty air. It can open and close easily so that the user can be managed anytime based on the homeroom’s needs. 

The Best Roof Ventilation Methods 

The types of roof vents are varied. You can select the best roof ventilation methods for building these vents. 

Mechanical System for Home Vents 

A house can apply a mechanical ventilation system. It is usually a home vent with an exhaust fan. The air filter is installed on the ceiling for every room connected to the airflow centered to a heat recovery unit placed to the ceiling. In the machine, the exhausted air is extracted.

The result is clean air transferred to the room. Meanwhile, the contaminated air will be thrown into the home outside the area. The home vent with this mechanical system is very effective in cleaning contaminated air. Even it can trap dust and insects. 

Mechanical System for Home Vents
Mechanical System for Home Vents

Extra Home Vent System 

Another home vent method is applying an extra home vent system. It is applicable for the bathroom and kitchen at home in which has its vent system. The activities to do in the kitchen and bathroom will produce water steam with a high temperature.

It is needed a special home vent for both rooms to remove hot water steam appearing when you cook or use hot water in the bathroom. If the hot steam is not thrown, the hot water will cover the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, it is disturbing a clean air system. 

Roof Ventilation Requirements 

When you want to set your home vents, you should prepare some roof ventilation requirements. Those are helping you to fix and design roof ventilation. You’ll need a plan and design for roof ventilation. It helps you direct the overall design and purpose of home vents.

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Then, you will need a film glass. It is used for office buildings and skyscrapers aimed at reducing sunshine. Another requirement is planting more plants. You must prepare various plants. The plants are famous for their oxygen supply. The shady trees can hamper sunshine and make your house fresh. 

Then, you can attach aluminum foil foam to the ceiling. It is a good way to create home ventilation. It is aimed at reducing heat and circulating hot air well.

Furthermore, installing the aluminum foil foal on the ceiling can reduce the produced sound of the rain. Furthermore, the price is very affordable. Installing a ventilator turbine is possibly conducted. You need to prepare a high-quality item.

It is commonly called hexose, which is put on the bedroom or bathroom roof. The blowing wind will be caught by the fan and flow it to your rooms. It is surely smoothing an air circulation inside of the room so that it is not too hot. Those are some things about types of roof vents that you know. 

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