What Is a Hip Roof? Some Things That You Should Know

What is a hip roof? A hip roof is a popular type of roof recommended for its aesthetic and functional benefits. In-home architecture, the roof is crucial in protecting the home’s exterior from elements like rain and sunshine, significantly contributing to a home’s overall curb appeal.

It also helps form the home’s exterior identity, which is vital in enhancing the building’s design. When constructing a home roof, it’s important to consider its construction carefully, especially how the sides slope to ensure proper drainage and aesthetic alignment.

To effectively build this roof style, there are several factors you should be familiar with, including the selection of appropriate roof materials and understanding the structural nuances of various common types of hip roofs like the Dutch gable roof and the pyramid roof.

What Does a Hip Roof Look Like? 

A hip roof is a perfect gable roof (see other article, Hip vs. Gable Roof) consisting of two inclined planes forming like a trapezium. Two planes of the roof are forming a triangle with the same slope. If it is observed, this roofing design looks more beautiful than a gable roof. However, the design cost tends to be higher because it uses more frames.

What Does a Hip Roof Look Like
What Does a Hip Roof Look Like

This roofing design is particularly suitable for modern home architecture, offering a simple yet modest look that enhances a home’s uniqueness. The roof slopes gently away from a single peak, providing both aesthetic appeal and effective wind resistance, especially against high wind conditions.

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Hip Roof Advantages And Disadvantages

After knowing its design and shape, it is time to know some advantages and disadvantages of this hip roof. What is a hip roof? It is one of the modern roofing designs to choose from, but it has some advantages and disadvantages. What are some advantages? 

Advantages of Hip Roof 

There are some advantages to why you should build a hip roof. What are they? 

Extra Protection 

This pavilion roof design offers numerous benefits. With an angle of 30 to 40 degrees, it not only provides substantial protection to the home’s walls from sunshine and heavy rain but also enhances wind resistance, protecting against wind damage by minimizing the force on any side of the roof.

The damaging risk is minimized because it turns the wind blow with its inclined angle. The protection is running for all sides of the house. 

Advantages of Hip Roof Extra Protection
Advantages of Hip Roof Extra Protection

Luxury and Stylish 

The design of the hip roof is both elegant and luxurious, providing a striking upgrade over more common roofing designs. It enhances a house’s visual appeal and comfort, making it a standout choice for those looking to boost the advantages of gable and hip roofs.

Furthermore, it looks up to date and modern with this roofing design. It is perfect to beautify your house. 

Luxury Hip Roof
Luxury Hip Roof


This roofing design is very minimalist and practical. It is suitable to use or apply in a narrow field because it accentuates a minimalist concept. It looks very compact for any home style. 

Disadvantages of Hip Roof 

After learning about some of the advantages of a hip roof, it is time to reveal some disadvantages. 

Risky to Leak 

It needs more frames to design it. Of course, it has some weaknesses. It is risky to leak due to having many connecting parts when you are designing it. 

Disadvantages of Hip Roof Leak


To build a hip roof, you need to have an unlimited budget. Why could it be? This hip roof requires a high budget because it uses more ropes, depending on the other roof designs. Of course, this roof will be expensive to build. 


The process tends to be complicated because it requires a more detailed design and a careful concept to show a beautiful impression. That is why you must face a complication during building this roof. You can read some things about it. 

Disadvantages of Hip Roof Complicated

How To Build A Hip Roof

When you want to build a hip roof, you should plan it carefully. There are some steps to do. Firstly, provide an image of a home blueprint that is installed on a hip roof. Secondly, the width of the overhang must be planned. It needs to be estimated carefully to create the right distance.

How To Build A Hip Roof
How To Build A Hip Roof

After that, you should plan the design of the hip roof. There are several designs of hip roofs to choose from being built at home. Then, it would help if you determined the inclined angles of the roof. It is used to set and install the roof perfectly.

The slope of the angle is a degree. It is formed horizontally, showing the perfect detail of the hip roof. It is an expensive roof that requires some complicated steps to build. Though it looks complex, it creates a luxury and great finish that amazes you. That is why it always becomes the first choice of roofing designs. 

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