How to Get Squirrels Out of Roof with Natural Method

You need to learn how to get squirrels out of roof using a human method that would not hurt them. That way, you can maintain your house while keeping the squirrels away from any parts of your roof, including soffits, vents, and fascia.

Why You Want to Keep Squirrels Out of Your House?

Squirrels need a safe place for them to nest that can protect them from their natural predator. That is why many squirrels often nest inside your room, which is high above the ground and enclosed, giving them all the protection they need.

how to get squirrels out of roof

However, as a homeowner, having squirrels inside the roof will have a negative effect, especially since squirrels have sharp teeth that can destroy your house. They will put holes in the fascia, damage your vents, and chew your wires.

Those will lead to even more damage that can cause problems if you do not care for them immediately. But before you can fix it, it is important for you first to remove the squirrels from your roof.

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How to Get Squirrels Out of Roof for Good

  1. Live trapping

It is an ethical way to capture the squirrel without killing it. You can use a baiting method to draw the squirrels from their nest and lead them to the trap.

  1. Exclusion device

To use this device, you must first search for the entry points used by the squirrels to enter the roof. Then, you need to block every entry point and only leave one out. Then, you must install a door that can be used only once on the last one so the squirrel may go out but cannot re-enter again.

  1. Natural repellents

Many natural repellents are available, so you can use them to repel the squirrels from the soffits and prevent them from returning. Put them near the entry point or the nest to make the squirrel disappear.

  1. Natural deterrents

You can make squirrels go away by putting a few devices around your house to make the roof less safe. That way, the squirrels would not think to nest in the room. You can try to put a device that will be activated when the squirrels come near them, like lights or a sprayer.

How to Prevent Squirrels from Nesting in Your House

  1. Cover wires

Squirrels can easily reach your house by grabbing the wires and climbing them to the roof. So, you need to cover those using PCV pipes to prevent the squirrels from grabbing them. These pipes are slippery and will spin around so squirrels will not have footing to run into your roof.

  1. Cut tree branches

The squirrels will use these branches to easily access the roof by jumping from it. So, you need to cut the tree branches regularly so they do not become an access point to the roof. Ensure the longest branches are more than 10 feet away, and cut them when they grow.

  1. Use squirrels guards

Install guards on anything that can be used to climb into your roof, such as poles, fences, and trees. Usually, the guards are made from metal and can be easily installed in any area you need.

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Conclusion As you can see, getting rid of squirrels is very easy, and you can use many methods. Do not forget to use things that can prevent the squirrels from returning once you get rid of them.

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