Easy Methods on How to Remove Moss from Roof without Chemicals

A lot of people ask about how to remove moss from roofs without chemicals. This happens because the roof is indeed going to be full of moss after all. In fact, the roof is getting wet by the rain and absorbs moisture most of the time, so the moss is just unavoidable. This is how you can rid of the moss without using any chemicals.

Tips to Getting Rid of Moss from Your Roof Naturally

Of course, you want to remove the moss naturally. There is no way that using chemicals is an option. They will ruin the roof and probably alter how it looks as well. Therefore, you want to use the ingredients considered natural, which can be found probably in the kitchen. Here are some of the things you can use to answer your question about how to remove moss from roof without chemicals.

How to Remove Moss From Roof Without Chemicals

1. Using Vinegar

Yes, you can remove moss from roof with vinegar. Vinegar has a high acidity that can kill the root of the moss and making the removal easier. You have to find the right type of vinegar to use, like white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, because these have the correct pH level that can instantly kill the root of moss.

2. Using Scrapping Tools

If you have the patience, you should be able to remove the moss using a scrapping tool. Scrape the roof’s surface invaded by moss, and make sure everything is lifted, including the root. That way, they won’t regrow at all.

3. Washing the roof

In fact, moss is not that bad, and it can be removed quite easily. It is not stubborn, so the mixture of warm water and mild soap, combined with pressure washing, is probably enough to get rid of the whole thing.

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4. Removing the spore

As mentioned before, you can remove the moss spore with vinegar. As an alternative, the combination of bleach and vinegar can help a lot. These ingredients are already considered as household items that probably stay in your pantry or laundry room. Therefore, it is straightforward to use and not dangerous at all. Pour the mixture on the moss, and you should see it dries and dead later on.

5. Using the eco-friendly solution

One of the best ideas for homemade moss killer for roofs is to use a mixture of baking soda and a little bit of water. Mix them until they become a paste, and then apply the paste on the roof’s surface where the moss is growing. Apply it thoroughly until the root of the moss is completely covered with the paste. Wait until the paste is dried, and you can remove the moss easily.

From the information above, you can clearly see that removing moss from the roof is not that bad. However, make sure you can do it the right way. Well, you should have the proper safety equipment to go up to the roof and remove the moss. If you cannot, instead of finding out how to remove moss from the roof without chemicals, you can leave it to the professionals.

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