Guide on How to Repair Rolled Roofing by Yourself

Rolled roofing, which is sometimes referred to as roof underlayment or mineral-surfaced roofing (MSR) product, is a process of installing a layer of protective material over the roof. It involves only a single layer of rolled roofing, unlike other membrane alternatives.

The layer is commonly available at an affordable price in most hardware stores, making it an easy, quick, and preferable solution. However, there is some possibility of getting the layer cracked or damaged. When this happened, you need to know how to repair rolled roofing to make it does its job back optimally.

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How to Repair Rolled Roofing in 5 Easy Steps

Rolled roofing may not be for everyone, but it is still a popular option nonetheless. There are some reasons why it becomes people’s favorite. First, as mentioned prior, it is quite cheap – there’s no need to break your bank to get roof coverage.

Next, it is quite easy to install without consuming too much time. That means for most times, you should be able to do the roof covering job by yourself without relying on a roofing firm.

How to Repair Rolled Roofing

Another benefit that you can get is the possibility of repairing rolled roofing on your own. If the roof deck condition is considered good, then the repair must be fairly simple to do. Roll roofing can be cut into strips despite being made from a similar material as asphalt shingles.

Cleaning out the damaged section and filling it with sealant or tar specifically made from roofing must be enough if it’s only small holes. On the other hand, the larger damaged section may require you to cut the area out and replace it with a new roll roofing part.

Before you’re getting started and learn how to repair rolled roofing, make sure you’re not working on a wet roof or raining weather. This can turn into a hazardous situation as the roof will become really slick and increase the possibility of severe fall. After that, ensure that the ladder that you are using is secure and strong enough.

After you have the entire preparation ready, it is not time to learn how to repair rolled roofing correctly. Here are the needed steps to do it:

  1. The first step on how to seal rolled roofing is to go to the roof area and locate the specific section that needs to be repaired. If the damage causes the leak, you might’ve already done this by inspecting the leak spot inside your house. If the leak is noticed during rain or storm, take note of the location and wait until the area becomes dry.
  2. Using a cat’s claw nail remover, lift off the nails that hold the damaged rolled roofing in its current place. Release and throw the old roofing away.
  3. Set a new roll at the prior location of the damaged area. Slide the upper part of the new roll roofing under the previous roofing.
  4. Apply sealant, cement, or tar under the new roofing by using a stick, then set the roll in its supposed place.
  5. To secure the new roll roofing, drive nails on every foot of it.

To help further damage shortly, you can apply more tar over the new roll roofing, but it is completely optional. These simple steps on how to repair rolled roofing should be enough to help you make it as good as new.

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