Pre Fabricated Roof Trusses and All You Have to Understand

Using pre-fabricated roof trusses is very common these days. Most construction companies that try to build a brand new house will most likely use this kind of trusses to support the roof.

Pre-fabricated trusses or also known as instant roof trusses, can bring numerous benefits. You can find out more about them in the explanation below.

What Are Pre Fabricated Roof Trusses?

Pre-fabricated trusses are wooden structure frames for the roof. It has a triangle shape and is manufactured inside a factory. They are specifically designed to support the weight or carry the weight of your roof.

pre fabricated roof trusses

Prefabricated Roof Trusses Advantages

Let’s find out the pre-fabricated roof trusses benefits. Basically, using anything instant is going to bring advantages when it comes to the time of installation. However, that is not all.

There are still plenty of benefits or advantages that instant roof trusses can bring to you. Several of them will be explained below so that you can understand the perks of using this kind of roof frame.

  1. Cost Savings

Using instant trusses is going to save you money. You do not have to buy loads of wooden frames and assemble them one by one. This process can take a long time, and of course, you will have to pay more for the construction workers. The manufactured roof trusses were pre-cut and assembled on-site, saving time and labour costs.

  1. Enhance Construction Speed

Just like anything instant, the installation of the trusses takes less than a day. It should help to enhance the construction speed. The house will be ready sooner than you have expected.

  1. Using Higher Quality Material

Because the frame is fabricated inside a factory, it is generally believed that they are using better quality materials that have not been exposed to the outside weather. The roof will last longer, with proper maintenance, of course.

Generally, installing prefabricated trusses for the roof is going to be quicker and easier. The roof will last longer, with proper maintenance, of course.

Prefabricated Roof Trusses Installation

Generally, installing prefabricated trusses for the roof will be quicker and easier. The parts of the frames do not have to be manually assembled by the construction worker.

There are some questions related to the installation of instant trusses. If you are wondering about them, read some of the questions and answers below.

  1. How Long Does It Take to Install Instant Trusses?

It depends on the type of roof. However, installing the instant trusses generally takes less than a day. The trusses are pre-assembled, and all the construction workers have to do is lift them using cranes and anchors them to their place.

  1. What are the steps in the Installation of Prefabricated Wooden Roof Trusses?

It is believed that there are four steps. The first step is called “pre-condition“. Then, the next step is the “preparation” step. The third step is “self-inspection” and the last one is “execution“. These steps have to be specifically followed for the roof to stand properly.

  1. What is the Personal Protective Equipment for Installing Instant Trusses?

The safety equipment is pretty standard when installing the roof. They include protective footwear to avoid any possibilities of stepping on nails. Of course, there should also be a safety helmet, hearing protection kit, and eye shield.

  1. What is the Most Important Thing to Check during Trusses Installation?

The most important thing to check is the quality of the trusses themselves. Only use trusses sealed from the manufacturer and the one with proper structure. Make sure there is no rotten wood frame as well.

Now, you know exactly what the instant roof trusses can bring to you and understand the answers to some common questions related to its installation.

Even so, this project of installing roof trusses is never a DIY project unless you are a licensed construction worker. Therefore, make sure you leave the pre-fabricated roof trusses installation in the hand of the professionals.

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