How to Build a Gable Porch Roof on Your Own in 7 Steps

The following article will walk you through the steps on how to build a gable porch roof. Learning about the steps may help you save some money for DIY projects or provide extra useful knowledge about roofing.

How to Build a Gable Porch Roof

Gable roof is the most commonly found type of porch roof. It has a shape of a triangle with a certain pitch and sloped sides. Whether you are thinking of adding a gable porch to an existing roof or building a new one, it is beneficial to help your shed water and snow.

How to Build a Gable Porch Roof

Here is the guide on how to build a gable roof over a porch you may follow:

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  1. Decide where the posts of roof support are going to be. Put a mark on the determined locations on the roof deck and the deck areas on the decided spots, so you can set a hole, concrete footing, and set the roof support posts.
  1. On the ground, dig the holes for every post spot with a width of 12-18” and a depth of 18”. Set concrete in cylindrical shape within the hole and then cover with concrete. Arrange post anchors while the concrete hasn’t dried up yet. Then let it sit for at least 24 hours.
  1. Size and trim support posts in 6 x 6 that suit the dimensions of the roof. Install the support posts on the anchors and set them loosely using bolts and nuts. You need to ensure that the posts are upright by bracing them tentatively while securing the bolts and nuts.

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  1. Size and trim two lumber pieces in 2 x 8 that suits the distance between each support post. Lift the 2 x 8 lumbar pieces with the help of someone else, and nail one of the 2 x 8 lumbar pieces temporarily to every side of the support post, but make sure the nails can be removed easily later on.
  1. Size and then put marks on suitable holes on beams and support holes to take in bolts in 5/8” size. Now, detach the nails, put the 2 x 8 lumbar pieces down, and make holes on the support posts and 2 x 8 lumber pieces. Lift the lumbar pieces again and then set them securely. Repeat the step for all of the support posts.
  1. Put a mark on roof trusses’ locations, beginning from the shorter roof side, once every 24” in the center of lumbar pieces. Lift the end of roof trusses with someone’s help to the location according to your mark and set it by using nails. Brace it for a while and repeat the step for the remaining roof trusses.
  1. Set the plywood sheathing to the roof trusses using 5/8” nails. Attach the roof felt to sheathing by using tacks, and ensure that they overlap about 3-4” at every edge. Set drip edge and roof shingles, then you’re done.

The guide on building a gable porch roof can help you create comfortable roofing as shelter and shade. It is ideal to use in wet climates where there is a lot of snow and rain.

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